Wireless Technologies for Schools

Wireless technologies to provide connectivity on campus and on the road. Several schools and universities around the world have deployed Motorola's all-wireless network infrastructure thereby allowing for a learning experiences for students and also helping staff stay productive and secure.

By moving to an all-wireless network infrastructure, the Goliad Independent School District in Goliad, Texas and Manipal University in Manipal, India are providing un-tethered Internet access to students and faculty as well as enabling high-speed wireless bridging between multiple campus buildings in a single site or direct connectivity amongst multiple schools in the same school district. Across the globe, Manipal University in Manipal, India, has deployed Motorola's WLAN technology for indoor access and mesh for outdoors to connect more than 20 of its colleges.

Motorola's wireless LAN (WLAN) is optimized for the education market offering different levels of access security for students, faculty, staff and guests on the same network; self-healing technology that can automatically fix RF coverage problems anywhere in the campus; and a comprehensive management suite to help design, deploy, manage and secure a large indoor/outdoor campus-wide network.

In addition to providing schools and universities with comprehensive wireless networking solutions, Motorola is also providing mobile communications tools like Good Mobile Messaging to enable teachers and staff to stay connected with their key stakeholders when off campus. Good provides end-to-end security for data in transit as well as data stored on employee devices. Good's server is deployed behind the enterprise firewall so security is not compromised with.