Abu Dhabi Ranks High in ‘e-Maturity’

The Abu Dhabi Systems & Information Committee (ADSIC) released its resultant report of the The Annual Abu Dhabi e-Maturity Assessment, which comprises a variety of correlated topics ranging from ICT utilisation in business, health and education to e-Government infrastructure and services readiness.

In late 2007, the Abu Dhabi Government undertook its first research project to measure the Emirate's capability to apply and benefit from ICT, clearly demonstrating its commitment to developing both e-Maturity and e-Government. ADSIC conducted its first annual e-Maturity Assessment using more than 200 key indicators derived from international indices defined by the World Economic Forum (WEF), the United Nations (UN) and the International Telecommunications Union (ITU). These indices assess various topical issues, ranging from ICT use and penetration throughout the Emirate to e-Government readiness and web presence. Furthermore, several sector-specific reports on education, healthcare, finance, real estate, tourism, recruitment, transport and mainstream business sectors were also studied. Overall, data for this project was collected from official sources and 12 field surveys involving around 3,000 individuals, companies and government entities across the emirate. The level of e-Maturity in Abu Dhabi is demonstrated as being the highest in the Arab world and is comparable with levels in leading countries.