Bringing a Packet Solution : Ashish Dham, Managing Director

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Three years back we got into the subject of e-Learning, distance education and we have been successful in making our presence in almost all parts of the country today.

Globus Infocom started its journey in 1996, with the audio visual products for promoting Mitsubishi brands of multi-media projectors. Quickly added three more interesting and meaningful products, like Interactive Boards, Interactive Thinking pads, and visualisers, which found great applications specifically in the education sector. These products are required for conducting training sessions as students learn things faster and could remember them for a longer period of time.

In most of the companies we find people who are promoting such solutions for distance learning or e-Learning, rely a lot on third parties for content, hardware, software solutions and applications. Whereas, we have all the facilities in-house. We are the only company, which apart from having the software infrastructure, also has a factory where we produce most of these educational products. We are the first company in India who has taken the initiative for manufacturing distance learning solutions, hardware products like interactive boards, pads, and visualisers. Globus Infocom has done a lot of value addition this way.

We are the only company  which is manufacturing Interactive boards in India and the only company that has doubled up the software in various vernacular languages. We have all the resources in-house

We also have renowned academicians on our panel who have been guiding and working with us together. A new portal will be launched in another two months to take our mission forward. The focus is more on digital content, distance learning, and e-Learning. We have modules for most varied type of classes; interesting content on engineering, medical, dental streams, and have planned capsules for various kinds of polytechnic subjects. But the primary focus has always been on secondary education.

Smart Classroom, the flagship programme of Globus Infocom is a concept that we started about two years back, with which we presented a solution to the teaching fraternity- extremely interactive and collaborative. It gives flexibility to a teacher to improvise on what she is teaching and allows her to make the curriculum in the way she would like to go about teaching.

The unique selling proposition so far is our unique solution that we have been offering, where starting from the content to the hardware, and applications, everything is developed by us. This again helps us getting lot of contracts from state governments like Uttarachal, and Punjab. Army too is going in for e-Learning in a big way with training establishments  in INA, NDA, etc.

We have done most of these e-Learning things in these trainings institutes. These apart, we are also present in Navodaya Vidyalayas, Kendriya Vidyalayas and also present very strongly in District Institute of Education and Training (DIETs), State Councils of Educational Research and Training (SCERTs), and most of state level schools. With the ITIs remaining in focus for the last two years and centres of excellence announced to be built up in about 500 ITIs across the country, we have a lot Smart Classrooms in ITIs as well.

We are the only company  which is manufacturing Interactive boards in India and the only company that has doubled up the software in various vernacular languages. We have all the resources in-house.

The government-led ICT projects like EDUSAT and Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan have been using a lot of products of Globus Infocom. The issue which the company is trying to address is to create learning environment more exciting in terms of getting things and presenting it in a way that is more convenient for teachers. Most interesting for the Indian scenario is the availability of these resources at school level.

Though a very promising industry we are working in, it is difficult for a vendor to evaluate what amount of budget is going through. There is no forum where these studies could be done officially. But one clear example of why could we say that the market is growing, is the fact that we have been in this industry, and the industry has been growing at the rate of 60% for the last 5 years.

Globus Infocom saw a tremendous leap from INR 38 crores in 2005-2006 to INR 58 crores in 2006-2007 in terms of its business.

We are in this industry; we are growing, and so we can confidently claim that the industry is also growing. At lot of forums too, where the government officials have been involved and the kind of budget that is coming in is also promising. Private schools too are  coming up in a big way in implementing ICT in education. It is now a kind of marketing tool for schools, which again keeps the market flourishing.

Our efforts have been towards convergence of IT, audio visual, and education. There is also a great scope for us to improve further, because of the technology development. Our products are getting more popular; next versions are getting more re-enforced, and they are getting more affordable as well. So we look at developing solutions that cater not only to India, but also to other countries like Singapore, Dubai, and UK. The education system in India is the most rugged systems worldwide. That prompts us to have quality manpower worldwide. We are looking at picking up meaningful things, incorporating those in our offerings and take the solutions worldwide. We are working in projects in other countries like Malaysia, Korea, where we have developed solutions in their own languages that makes it one of our unique solutions.  

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