ACORD will raise awareness of citizens in Delhi and elsewhere

Jan-Chaitanya, which is a new initiative of ACORD, is a citizens' movement and is neutral & free from interventions by any party politics.


The Asian Centre for Organisation Research and Development (ACORD), a non-government organization, has recently launched a citizen's campaign for good governance and democratic development titled “Jan Chaitanya” that focuses on the municipal elections in Delhi by involving people of all socio-economic strata in addressing the requirements of the wards and colonies. According to the Chairman of ACORD Board M.D.G. Koreth, India is still in the first stage of democracy, out of the total seven stages.  Although Indian citizens have the right to vote, they feel powerless. India's next step towards democracy, would be to create criteria for good candidates for elections by looking at their past performance, integrity and education level. As per M.D.G. Koreth, citizens should have the right to change their representative if they do not perform satisfactorily. The Jan-Chaitanya campaign also aims at introduction of e-democracy in municipal functioning to provide easy access to all policies and legislations to the people. The basic objectives of “Jan-Chaitanya” are: (i) to empower citizens in carrying out their full democratic roles and functions; (ii) to enable citizens to contribute actively to the development of good governance; (iii) to educate citizens in promoting the evolution of our democratic society and polity to higher positive levels; (iv) to involve citizens in achieving participatory planning and development for all citizens, “inclusive” of all segments and strata of society, irrespective of caste, religion, gender, or income; (v) to equip citizens with the capability to develop accountability for better public service delivery and transparent development from the ground up, in the public service administration as well as elected representatives; and (vi) to help citizens better fulfill their constitutional democratic duties, responsibilities, and empowerment.


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