EAC develops regional e-Government strategy

The East African Community (EAC) is developing a harmonised e-Government strategy. The strategy will act as add-on onto the other objectives of the sub-regional grouping which will include a common Customs Union, Common Market as well as Monetary Union.


According to Andrew Gakiria, member of EAC, implementation of the regional Customs Union will extent the use of ICT in government process in national as well as in cross border.  EAC has recognised the need to develop a harmonised and co-ordinated sub-regional e-Government. The main aim of the Tanzania workshop is to examine, consolidating and sharing views as well as agreeing on strategic priorities for e-Government. The Government is establishing ICT-enabled applications like e-Customs, e-Parliament, e-Commerce, e-Health, e-Procurement as well as on the delivery of information on meteorology. EAC member states is in line with the African Information Society Initititive's (AISI) commitment of building an East African information highway and develop an ICT policy and programme in support of the East African regional integration.