Africa: Protocol to link Africa with rest of the world

The Protocol on the Policy and Regulatory framework for Nepad ICT Broadband Infrastructure Network is based on the Constitutive Act of the African Union. Its objective is to facilitate and commit the Parties to the construction and operation of the Nepad ICT Broadband Infrastructure Network for Eastern and Southern Africa, on 'Open Access' principles of operation.


The protocol aims to facilitate provision of ICT broadband infrastructure to support high-quality, high-speed and reliable electronic communications in Eastern and Southern Africa with the rest of the world at affordable rates to end users. The protocol provides for the formation of the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) to own, operate and maintain EASSy and a terrestrial infrastructure network. The SPV will also ensure that the infrastructure meets the development and commercial objectives, and operates in accordance with Nepad's objectives and principles, as well as open access principles.