Call for countries of Asia Pacific-Region to adopt ODF

An official from the United Nations (U.N.) has called for countries in the Asia-Pacific region to embrace the Open Document Format (ODF).


Sunil Abraham, Manager of the International Open Source Network (IOSN) at the U.N, hopes that governments in the region will now extend that support and 'seriously consider' the Open Document Format (ODF). Malaysia became the one of the first Asian countries to propose the use of ODF as a national standard for office documents. In the Philippines, there is no official policy on the adoption of ODF in the country, according to Peter Antonio Banzon, Division Chief of the Philippines' Advanced Science and Technology Institute, although the government agency has already standardised its internal documents on the ODF. According to IOSN's Abraham, the lack of interoperability is stopping more governments from going ahead to mandate the ODF standard within their countries. Last week, the ODF Alliance announced that more than 280 organisations and industry bodies have joined up to support the format. ODF has been approved as a standard by OASIS. ISO also approved it in May of this year. It can be used royalty-free by anyone.