Bureau of Customs expecting better services to stakeholders through Asycuda World project

The Bureau of Customs (BOC) in the Philippines is now aiming to reverse its state of services by providing up to date delivery for stakeholders with the Asycuda World Project.

The Deputy Commissioner of BOC, Alexander Arevalo said with the e-Customs Modernisation Project it is expected that by the fourth quarter this year, the transaction cost will be reduced. The project is funded at P500 million, it is not only ICT project, rather a governance project. It is also expected that collection yield will also improved with reliable operation and execution. By the fourth quarter of 2007, a development support to local small and medium entrepreneurs should have been established with an integration of supply chain and industry business specific greenlane access and fully automated import process payments. Arevalo  has also stated thatthere will be no more face-to-face transactions on the basic requirements which exporters comply as transactions will be done on line. Declaration will be done online and exporters will also be advised on line if there are lacking requirements. Manifests by shipping lines and airlines including de/consolidators will also be through the net.