Bahrain: Law makes smart cards mandatory for all citizens

In an effort to make the country's economy totally digitalised one, now it is compulsory for all citizens in Bahrain to have smart cards, which will make the Kingdom ahead of many countries in the region. The approach is to establish a single window to provide government information and services.


This smart card technology is much safer in use and there are minimal chances of frauds in financial transactions as well as in day-to-day affairs. The smart card is a unique 64 Kb card that stores the holder's relevant data and personal record – all in one card. Unauthorised people can't access this information. The card is part of the Kingdom's keenness on keeping pace with the technology. It will replace medical records, ATM and credit cards and certificates. In this phase the CIO will issue about 200,000 cards in various stages. The CIO will revise the data, renew cards, issue replacements for the lost ones and determine the fees. In a later stage, the smart card might replace the passport. This e-Government mission focuses on the use of information technology to deliver information and services to citizens and businesses.