e-Government take-up assistance from ODOM and Local Directgov

Over the coming year, improving awareness and take-up of local e-Services will be a key focus of the local e-Gov programme.


Whilst the UK is leading the EU in terms of the sophistication of public authority e-Services for the citizen, it is currently below average in terms of use of e-Services. Analysis of e-Service take-up figures in IEG returns shows that service demand and access issues in the context of e-Government have not been a strategic priority for most local authorities to date. This is understandable in the run-up to December 2005.However, MORI research undertaken for the e-Citizen National Project provides clear evidence that current usage of council e-Channels lags considerably behind public interest in using them. Some 46% (17.5 million) of the adult population of England are predisposed to use local authority e-Channels. Post-December, raising awareness amongst this sector of the population is a priority.