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Votenet Solutions Partners with Renewable Choice Energy to Support Renewable Energy Development

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Votenet Solutions Inc., provider of secure online voting and nomination solutions for associations, corporations, law firms, non-profits, universities and organisations has partnered with Renewable Choice Energy (RCE), renewable energy and carbon offsets in the U.S. Votenet Solutions to support in generation of renewable energy via RCE's American Wind power product, a blend of renewable energy credits from wind farms across North America, primarily the U.S.

American Wind supports small-scale distributed wind facilities, helping promote a diversified energy infrastructure and reduce dependence on fossil fuels. RCE works with facilities developers and supports projects that aren't required by government regulations but can benefit from financial support from voluntary corporate buyers. American Wind is a Green-e Energy certified product that meets stringent environmental and consumer protection standards. Votenet Solutions joins with other leading companies also supporting renewable energy development through RCE including Google, Whole Foods, Washington Nationals, Warner Bros., Disney, and McDonalds.

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