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Singapore embarks on $ 2 billion initiative to change e-Gov to i-Gov

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Singapore's highly efficient public services run by the government has walked away with global prizes in the e-Government sector for the last five years. Singapore has now embarked on a $ 2 billion initiative to change e-Governance to integrated government or i-Gov by 2010 with the use of latest infocomm technologies.


Singapore has announced a $2 billion new initiative to transform its government services reaching out to all citizens and business to make them more intelligent and interactive and new paradigm shift is being labelled, iGov 2010. Citizens will be able to avail 15 new integrated e-Services at the click of a mouse, not just from the island, from anywhere in the world. The services include, online business licensing service, consultation portal, one-stop government bills payment, marriage and procreation schemes, employment assistance portal, etc. The iGov2010 will be dovetailed into another major plan, the iN2015 master plan and will extensively use the infocomm technologies.


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