Accenture in India has announced its plan to incorporate electric vehicles (EVs) into its transportation fleet at four key locations: Bengaluru, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and the National Capital Region. This strategic move aims to offer climate-friendly travel alternatives for Accenture employees while significantly reducing the company’s carbon footprint.

By integrating EVs into their fleet, Accenture demonstrates its commitment to effecting tangible environmental change and promoting sustainable practices, in line with its global sustainability objectives. These goals encompass achieving net-zero emissions by the close of 2025, adopting zero waste principles, and proactively addressing water-related risks.

Ajay Vij, the Country Managing Director at Accenture in India, emphasized the company’s steadfast dedication to sustainability and its endeavor to integrate these values into all facets of its operations. He underscored the significance of embedding sustainability into every aspect of their work, forging a harmonious balance between business value and sustainable impact. The introduction of electric vehicles into their transportation fleet will facilitate eco-conscious travel options for their workforce in India, further reinforcing their commitment to running environmentally responsible business operations and achieving their net-zero emissions target.

Accenture in India made remarkable progress toward sustainability in 2022 by successfully implementing a renewable electricity mix that surpassed 99% in their offices. Additionally, the company achieved an impressive feat by reusing or recycling 100% of the e-waste associated with computers and workstations, effectively minimizing electronic waste and its environmental impact.


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