eGov June 2019: Food Nutritional Security and Automation of Public Distribution System

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Guest Editorial
Towards Making PDS More Accountable, Transparent and Responsive Using Data Analytics
Leveraging Technology to Streamline PDS Operations
Promoting Nutrition Security in India
From Sugarcane Fields to Fair Price Shops
A Spring in the Step of Our Farmers
Guardian Officers– An Initiative by Sikkim for Efficient Management of Food Go-downs and Supply Chain Management System
Smart Ration Card Scheme: Disbanding the Age Old Practices in Public Interest
Tamil Nadu Sets New Benchmark in Transforming PDS
Aadhaar- Based PDS has ushered in transparency, plugged pilferage
Ujjwala: A Transformational Scheme from Access to Usage
Leveraging IT & Data Analytics to make PDS in Rajasthan Transparent, Pilferage-free & Citizen-friendly


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