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In a typical smart city framework, all technologies, networks, and processes should be scalabe, which means, these should have the capability to be expanded in future, if need so arises, says Anil pande, Director Dura-Line India Pvt. Ltd., in conversation with Ahmad Shariq Khan of Elets News Network (ENN).

Please give us an overview of Dura-Line india Pvt. Ltd.

Dura-Line is part of Mexichem, the largest global manufacturer of fiber optic cable ducting solutions and one of the largest chemical and petrochemical companies in Latin America.

Anil_pandeOperating in India, our end-to-end services incorporate route designing and engineering, supply and laying of ducts, fiber optic cable blowing, splicing, termination, link testing, etc. Our Fiber to the Home (FTTH)/ Fiber to the Premise (FTTP) turnkey services include designing, supply and deployment of all elements of passive network. We also provide Acceptance Testing (AT) services. All of our product offerings are well suited to the needs of the Smart City ecosystem.

Tell us about the USPs that sets Dura-Line apart from the rest of the competition?

In a typical Smart City ecosystem, the requirement of high speed internet is paramount to connect various IOT devices for which fiber optic cables are needed at several places for delivery of key services in a Smart City ecosystem. Besides the need for fiber would keep evolving in the future as the IoT devices proliferate. The same applies to power requirement.

Our unique product offering addresses this ever-increasing demand for broadband internet & power in Smart Cities.

We have designed a system which enables citizens to avoid any re-digging of ground to lay fiber optic cables & power cables. Even after 10-15 years, if one wishes to expand the fiber or power cable network or repair a fault, then using our specially-designed duct utility corridor this can be done without any disturbance.

We are perhaps the first company in the world to have developed duct solution to deploy high voltage cables–upto 30KW. With regard to fiber optic cable deployment, our USP is our Patented Permanently Solid Lubricated HDPE Ducts ‘Silicore’ that enable deployment of fiber optic cables by blowing with air.

Our micro duct technology enables building a scalable and futuristic up- gradable solution.

Going forward what role do you envision for the company?

Our offerings are very much integral to a typical Smart City infrastructure. In a Smart City ecosystem, services such as real-time traffic monitoring, Integrated Command Control Centre (ICCC), surveillance centre etc, all require the internet connectivity. Also, with the Internet of Things (IoTs) taking centerstage these days, the use of devices connected to a web-based network is set to only increase. All our futuristic products facilitate all such processes with ease. Going forward, in addition to expanding our scale of operations, we aim to introduce many more innovations to support a Smart City infrastructure.

What is your message to policymakers?

While on a broader level, it’s quite pleasing to note the rapid strides that the concept of Smart Cities has been making across the country, however, we need to adopt the latest technologies in this domain very fast, so that not only our cities remain competitive (with respect to global standards), but end-users also start reaping the benefits of the latest technologies without any delay.

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