Shrikant Vaze, Head - India GDC

Digitisation is something we as a country would take advantage of, the entire spectrum right from cloud to mobile apps to analytics. These are some big opportunities for the Indian market, says Shrikant Vaze, Head – India GDC, Vice President – Global Delivery Group, Fujitsu Consulting India, in an interaction with Rakesh Roy of Elets News Network (ENN).

How do you see the Indian IT industry going forward?


Shrikant Vaze, Head – India GDC

Currently, Indian IT industry is going through a metamorphosis; transformational evolution is happening. To put it shortly, there is a shift from volume based to value based IT developments. Traditional IT market is either diminishing or changing because of the digital technologies, which is people going on Cloud and not needing large forces of humanoids to manage those IT operations. Customers are creating business opportunities using the digital technology. Earlier, technology was more of a backend activity for any business. Most of the traditional IT products around ERP, CRM etc. were all backend, it enabled business, it was not “the business”. With new technology, customers are using and creating opportunities. For example, Uber used technology to create an aggregation platform and form their business model out of it and suddenly it has become probably the largest cab company. Going forward, these factors are going to affect the IT industry majorly. 

How different are the IT trends in Japan in comparison to India?

The answer would lie in the economies of both the countries. If we consider India, it has no baggage that it carries, no previous IT interventions. We are currently going off the block in terms of probing into technology. So, the current digitisation wave is on the back of nothing before that. I would say comparing them would be difficult since both the countries are at a different point in their journey of IT adoption.

In the past few years Fujitsu Consulting India has grown as an entity. What does this mean to Fujitsu as a global group?

Fujitsu Consulting India is a part of eight Global Delivery Centers that Fujitsu has around the world, India being the largest. While Fujitsu is a global brand, their biggest business base is in Japan, and now there is a need to export the IT knowledge and solutions from Japan to benefit our customers around the world. GDC’s play an important role in that. Our Global Delivery acts as global hubs to advance and proliferate the technologies that we have in Japan into the rest of the world.

What is changing in the industry from the customer engagement point of view?

I think currently the IT industry is beyond talking only to the CIO. There is a major trend shift, the CMO and CSO is a bigger consumer of IT than CIO.  

What are some interesting global IT trends that you think will make or break the industry right now?

I would say, there are two major aspects. Firstly, security in IT. It is a cause of concern and a very big opportunity as well. Secondly, the data protection regulation by various governments and cross-national bodies faced by the industry to segregate the way we consume data, as we have seen with all the buzz around Facebook analytics for example. These are two major things we should watch out for.

What are some technological advancements in the global industry that you believe should be adopted more in the Indian IT market?

I think digitisation is something we as a country would take advantage of, the entire spectrum right from cloud to mobile apps to analytics. These are some big opportunities for the Indian market.


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