Data is the next oil in the Digital era: Khwaja Saifuddin, Western Digital

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Khwaja-SaifuddinData is the next oil in the Digital era and we are one of the best barrellists to save the oil. The success of Digital India surely depends on the true standard and scalability of the technologies, says Khwaja Saifuddin, Senior Sales Director – South Asia, Middle East and Africa, Western Digital, in conversation with Rakesh Roy of Elets News Network (ENN). Excerpts:

What are the focus areas of Western Digital (WD) in the Digital era?

We, at Western Digital, excel in manufacturing devices to record digital content. Anything, which is digital, needs to be saved in a storage device. We manufacture some of the world’s best storage devices to save digital data and content. There is no use of data if it is not saved properly. Therefore, both – saving and storage of data- go hand on hand. Any Digital data needs to be saved and stored in the right platform. I would say, ‘Data is the next oil in the Digital era’, and we are one of the best barrellists to save the oil.  

How important is the use of data in terms of surveillance?

Surveillance comes into mind whenever security and safety are required. We can’t keep an eye at every place ourselves. Therefore we have to deploy surveillance devices like CCTV Cameras, etc. However, this surveillance is not possible without the data to observe all the activities – who, when and what are going on in the particular time. 24/7 Surveillance system data comes into play as an important role in this regard. So it is imperative to save and store the data in the right platform for analysis.

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How will Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Cloud computing etc, shape the future of Digital India?

All these as technologies are excellent and defining the technology of the future. However, the question is how India is going to deploy and implement these technologies. The success of Digital India surely depends on the true standard and scalability of the technologies. Today, there is a lot of data being created through IoT, Data Analysis, etc. However, the success of Digital India will be coming from how we analyse the data to get the real benefits. Otherwise the job is half-done.

How data storage and backup is of prime importance to Western Digital?

Backup of data always depends on the hand of end-users. It is vital that the end-users should be trained and well known how to protect the data. Western Digital has been doing a lot of initiatives in educating the end-users how to back up the data, password protection, etc. As Western Digital is specialized in storage, we create some of the best storage devices to compliment the developers of the data, whether it is software developer and hardware developer.

How is Western Digital looking at India as a market in terms of Digital business?

For us, India is an important market with some opportunities lying in the form of smart cities planned across the country, which are in nascent stage now. Our engagement is as a storage solution provider with investment in terms of people and technology for India’s vast population using digital content.

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