GVK EMRI Working Towards Diversification in Healthcare: K Krishnam Raju

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With an increased focus on ambulance services by the State governments, GVK EMRI has learned the ropes of operating in a challenging environment at quite an early stage. And, it is now ready to grow its fleet to 14,000, as well as diversify into new areas of healthcare, says K Krishnam Raju, Director, GVK EMRI, in a candid interview with Elets News Network (ENN).

VK EMRI (Emergency Management and Research Institute) is doing a lot of work, especially in terms of public-private partnership (PPP), in Uttar Pradesh along with the State’s Health Department, what kind of initiatives are underway?

In Uttar Pradesh, with the initiation of the government, we are running 108 Basic Life Support ambulances (108 Samajwadi Swasthya Sewa) and 102 ambulances services are run with an integrated effort of government under Jananni Sishu Suraksha. We are running181 services as the Women Helpline Servicesby the initiation of the Uttar Pradesh government.

108 ambulances services cater to the need for any kind of emergency. However, 102 is for pregnancy-related cases and sick child up to one year of age. Till 31st Oct, 2016 from the time of launch of 108 we have been able to serve more than 69 Lakhs beneficiaries, including severe accidents. These 108 ambulances are equipped with the elementary lifesaving equipments. One can avail services of 108 for reaching nearest government hospital, district hospitals or other higher state hospitals (as per the case advised by the doctor) in case of any emergency. We have trained medical technicians in 108 ambulances who are trained to handle primary medication in case of any emergency.

108/102 Ambulance service Prompt action
(Kanpur Dehat Train Accident in Uttar Pradesh on 20th Nov’16)
  • First Call we received at 3.16 A.m. by a RPF person travelling in that train with his family. Accident Timing was around 3.05 a.m
  • Train name is Indore Patna Express & accident place was Pukhrayan-Kanpur Dehat.
  • We successfully saved the caller’s life, constable Deenanath and his family.
  • We had sent Total 52 ambulances at scene.
  • First ambulance reached on scene at 3.41am.
  • We had arranged 27 Ambulances of 108 and 25 Ambulances of 102 .
  • We rescued around 350+ Victims to different nearby Hospitals as per their criticality
  • Ambulances from 4 districts helped in total operation Kanpur Dehat/Kanpur Nagar/ Auriya and Jalaun
  • Our Operations/Fleet/ERC/ERCP Team worked together 24 hr for this operation
  • Media also supported us & gave nice coverage about 108/102 work.
  • Chief Minister/Health Minister & Government officials like CMO/SSP appreciated our prompt response

102 have been servicing pregnant women by facilitating them to reach from home to hospital and vice versa. Till one year of infants are also been served through this ambulance service. 102 ambulances have proven to serve a total of more than 1.48 crores of beneficiaries from the time of launch till 31st Oct 2016. Governments support and initiation in running 102 and 108 ambulances have been a factor which has reduced the IMR and MMR. The quick and medical aided transportation through 108 services during the Golden Hour has saved lots of lives and we are committed to this human cause.

What kind of measures are being undertaken to overcome challenges related to operating in Uttar Pradesh?

Uttar Pradesh is a big state and has the maximum population. There is huge diversity in this state. There are times when our ambulance faces annoyed mob and even after reaching the scene on time, people sometimes don’t support but create a troublesome situation not only for the ambulance but also for the staff. We look forward for support from people in such situations. Govt officials and administration is always there is support us. This will help us to serve the needy in a better way.

We through our IEC activity, try to create awareness and knowledge among people. There are also few zero call Villages which we have identified and have done the IEC activity to create awareness about the 102 and 108 services. Earlier there have been situations where in the ambulances are not allowed to pass in the heavy traffic for which we got tremendous support from the government and through local administrative officers.

How is GVK EMRI planning to adopt technology, especially to monitor operations and vehicles? Please elaborate on the recent mobile application for 102/108 launched by Hon’ble Chief Minister.

Monitoring operations and vehicles have become easier and convenient by the adapted technologies in our system. We have installed GPS which shows the active real time locations for the ambulances across state. Also there is a mobile application launched by the state government which has a lot of features which helps the users/beneficiaries to have the access and utilising facility of 108 and 102 on their fingertips. The users can track the real time location of the ambulances for which he/ she has demanded. The feedback in regard of the availed services can be also shared using this mobile application. The application is easily available and a major aid to the common people. Also within the organisation there are few technical tools and application which has equipped our end staffs and have brought an integrated approach of work across organisation. The application doing so is Blueflock.

Fact File (Uttar
108 Ambulance Service:
(108 SamajwadiSwasthyaSewa)
Launched On:
14th Sep., 2012
No. of Ambulances:
102 National Ambulances Service:-
Launched On:
17th Jan., 2014
No. of Ambulances:

How do you envision the emergency services in India? What is the future of emergency services and scope for improvement in India?

Being the largest player in the segment of emergency services across the globe, we see India having a huge requirement for emergency services. Being a developing economy, India still is working on various factors like infrastructure, road which are major cause of the accidents which leads to the need of emergency services. Similarly, there are eating habits which we are not very calculative in us which leads to various diseases, which again create need of Emergency services. We are working internally to uplift the standard of our services by the use of technology and by adopting other better methods to deliver the best we can.

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