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Pradeep Kumar

Pradeep Kumar,
CEO – Government Business, Vakrangee Softwares Ltd,speaking at the e-Maharashtra summit in Mumbai

Commitment to e-Governance
We are the only player in the e-Governance area who has the capability in the design/development / deployment of software application along with hardware and network commissioning. We also have large capabilities in the grass-root level enrolment of citizens under inhospitable and hostile conditions. As all the e-Governance projects now are based on outcome based models, our unique capability across the spectrum gives us the unique advantage of going solo on all Mission Mode Projects the Government of India. We are geared to execute all kinds of projects under the e-Governance action plan. The next three to four years will be full of action for Vakrangee Softwares Ltd.

Commitment to CSCs
The Common Service Centre is a system that will completely transform the way government deals with people. Now instead of citizens visiting Government offices located in district or zilla headquarters, they can visit nearby Common Service Centres and seek a single window service for getting multiple tasks done. The scheme envisages one Common Service Centre for every six villages, thus making their presence ubiquitous. Apart from the G2C,the CSC will also serve a mix of B2B and B2C services, making it a kind of a Village Touch-Point. Vakrangee has taken on a pioneering role in the implementation of the CSC scheme. In Rajasthan, our CSCs are doing very good business. Our strategy is to aggregate more and more G2C , B2C and banking services into CSC network.

Commitment to Aadhaar
It is one number that has a several life changing applications. – It will be the bedrock of all e-governance implementations, as it gives each Indian resident a unique identification number that will specify the entitlements he/she is eligible for.

• It will stop leakage of precious government resources by enabling direct transfers of subsidies and entitlements.
• It will transform the security scenario, and bring accountability to the system.
• It will drastically reduce the leakage in the financial system.
• It will enable the implementation of the Citizens Charter and facilitate institutional monitoring.
• It is the world’s biggest biometric database,even in its first phase.

The first phase for the implementation of Aadhaar began in September 2010. Vakarangee Softwares Ltd started in implementation in April 2011, several months behind the others.But while we started late, we implemented at a scorching pace. Vakrangee agents could be found in the Andamans, in the littoral islands of Lakshadweep, in the South, the East and the North of the country. They worked with a missionary fervour, achieving numbers that were considered difficult if not impossible.

Today the results are out. Vakrangee is ranked as one of the largest implementer of Aadhaar in terms of data uploaded and total Aadhaar numbers generated.

Commitment to ePDS
Feeding a population of a billion plus people is an immensely challenging task. The Government of India has been distributing food grains at affordable prices to the people of India via 4.5 lakh Fair Price Shops spread across the country. According to the planning commission estimates,more than 150 million families purchase commodities at Fair Price Shops through the year. Yet this is a system that is prone to leakages,resulting in the much needed grain finding its way to open markets to be sold at higher prices.

Fixing this leakage and ensuring the distribution of the grains to the rightfully entitled population is the task that the government has decided to undertake with the help of ICT as a tool  The Government rolled out the Haryana and Chandigarh Smart Card Based Ration Card programme in the year 2008. The project involved the setting up of IT infrastructure at more than 300 offices of the Food and Supplies Department, along with 10,000 Fair Price Shops across the state. Vakrangee is solely carrying out procurement of POS (Point of Sale) machines, development of POS software for issuance of rations to citizens. Apart from this, Vakrangee is also undertaking massive data digitization across the state to build a database of all the citizens.

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