Amit Dudeja

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Amit Dudeja
DGM Tolling Operations
Delhi Gurgaon Expressway

“We are using RFID and DSRC range of readers for the free movement of the traffic at the Toll Plaza”

How has ICT  in your view, helped in securing the toll tax both in terms of data security as well physical security?

Information and Communication Technology is the key driver in the whole setup. Each and every transaction or event happening in the Toll Plaza is being monitored and recorded electronically which is supported with Incident based Cameras and a very robust architecture along with the state of the art equipment with a three level fall back system in case of any kind of disaster.

What are the technologies you are using for different aspects of security?

We are using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Dedicated Short-Range Communications (DSRC – subset of RFID) range of readers for the free movement of the traffic at the Toll Plaza. This is again the first ever technology used in the field of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) installed in India.

How many people are using the  smart cards? What is your view about the efficiency and usability of these smart cards?

Close to 80,000 users are using the DSRC and RFID based solutions for a quick and a smooth passage at the Toll Plaza. In our view, this is the best suited technology available to cater to the Indian driving patterns and we are getting almost 99.8% accuracy in vehicle detection and safe clearance from the Toll Plaza.

What are the systems you have in place to ensure data security?

Our system is designed by Kapsch which is again a market leader in Toll Technologies and has catered for in built data redundancy at three levels, which means that in ‘no case’ we can ever loose any kind of customer information from our database. Over and above this our Backup Policies are streamlined and time tested with various mock drills.

How are you addressing the capacity-building issue of training the required staff?

We have an in-house team of experienced professionals in the similar field who have been trained by trained professionals from Kapsch, which now serves as a core team for further trainings of the new staff.

What systems do you have in place to handle emergency situations?

In case of any breakdown in the service by means of any lane closure or database failure, we can still process the transactions through the lanes which keep piling up in the lane computer and as soon as the communications are restored the situation gets back to normal without even customer knowing about it.

For addressing the issue of scalability, are your security systems up-gradable?

Our security systems are policy driven at the corporate level so scalability is never an issue.

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