India in Need of a Dedicated Cyber Security Policy

Cyber security and information security are growing demands across all the sectors in the government as well as private firms. With the advent of information technology comes a threat of it being misused. Today's cyber crimes are much more sophistipcated than they were say 5 years back.

The cyber crimes are committed with a lot of precision and planning and that is were the need for strict cyber laws and policies come in. “Internet is today world's largest database and having cyber laws means to protect that huge information base,” said D R Karthikeyan, Former Director, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Director General, CRPF.

Speaking at ASSOCHAM's 4th International Conference themed 'Cyber and Network Security, he added that India needs a dedicated cyber security policy as the threats are huge and rampant and protecting the huge data which is there on the cloud is a challenge. “With businesses growing and expanding it has become a challenge to safeguard the information,” he added.

Also speaking at the conference B Bhamati, Additional Secretary, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India said, “Increasing level of information technology (IT) has resulted in exchange of high-level confidential information, its storage and processing.”

“Cyber security essentially depends on changing and upgrading according to the growing threats and crimes,” she added. She talked about Adaptive Threat Management and its importance in today's scenario. “Need of the hour is undoubtedly Research and development, innovation and new ideas for dealing with the cyber crimes,” she said.

The conference discussed various Cyber and Network Security issues such as Critical Infrastructure Security, Mobile Security, Network Security, etc.