Sairam VedamCigniti Technologies helps organisations say ‘no’ to bad software, and this is done by ensuring high software quality, says Sairam Vedam, Head – Global Marketing, of the company, in an interaction with Nirmal Anshu Ranjan of Elets News Network (ENN)


With the country well on its way to become ‘Digital India’, what future trends do you see with regard to threats from the cyber world?

During his “Digital India Week” address, Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that world faces ‘bloodless’ cyber war threat, and that India can play a lead role in dealing with this. It indicates how seriously the Government is mulling to secure its online resources. With the Digital Transformation happening across the Government ecosystem, cyber security is turning out to be a major concern.

To avoid intrusion into the sensitive data, software applications require rigorous and high degree of testing from an Independent Software Testing provider. A strong cyber security infrastructure is the need of the hour, especially when there is no proper international legal consensus to deal with the cyber issues. In the near future, the Government might work towards creating an entire ecosystem to safeguard its data and infrastructure to ensure online security.

Smart Cities are going to be the urban future. What is your perspective on physical security of important buildings, institutions and public places?

Securing public properties becomes much easier and would drastically reduce expenditure in the smart cities with the increased online systems. For example, in the interconnected world, any security agency can easily track the movements of suspicious persons or objects and can alert the officials concerned at all levels simultaneously. It also helps in proper coordination within different departments in tackling unforeseen situations. However, it could turn out to be a disaster if the applications are not properly tested and managed. The entire ecosystem requires a proactive and professional approach in ensuring the high quality security and surveillance measures.

In what ways do you contribute to security & surveillance ecosystem as a whole?

As a leader in Independent Software Testing services, we specialise in offering security testing services to our clients. We help global enterprises and Independent software vendors validate their applications and software against vulnerabilities.

At Cigniti, our resolution is always meant to help organisations say no to bad software. We do this diligently by assuring software quality. Our security testing experts spend an hour everyday to find potential software flaws in mobile and web apps apart from the regular work and projects. They carefully choose potentially high used apps and test the app from various standpoints, particularly from a view point of making them extra secure. Once they find the vulnerability in the best interest of every one, they follow the responsible guidelines to report the vulnerability to the respective app owners. This is purely a pro-active measure to help organisations build better software.


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