We are today well-positioned to help Enterprises in India in their quest to spur growth : Sudipta K Sen, SAS

“SAS is supporting the Department of Planning and Statistics, Government of Maharashtra, in its endeavour to do the right planning. Using the SAS solutions, the department is assessing which are the areas that need schools, police stations and other institutions of public importance”

Sudipta K Sen
Regional Director South-East Asia, CEO & MD, SAS India

Leading the India arm of the largest privately held software company with leadership in Business Analytics & Business Intelligence. Sudipta K Sen is all optimistic about the role of SAS technologies. Sudipta is an industry veteran with more than 3 decades of working life in IT and technology domain. Sudipta Sen has held Senior Executive positions in many Indian and Multi National Companies. With an illustrious career in the IT industry spanning more than 25 years he is a regular panelist and a renowned speaker at several Indian and International forums and is acknowledged as a thought leader in IT and Infocom space.

In a tete-a-tete with Prachi Shirur of e-Gov, he talks about recent projects, associations and future plans of one of the largest software companies.

What is the role of business intelligence and analytics in government organisations in solving issues and for better outcomes?

Governments deal with humongous amount of data, in various sectors such as health, education, Frost & Sullivan. Business Intelligence and analytics help government agencies to better understand, use and protect their data. Governments also gain in terms of increased efficiencies in tax collection, combat fraud and maximise public services for their citizens. By way of an example, the UID project of the Government of India is in the process of creating large amount of data. Once the data is created, there will be the need of analysis of the data. Here, business intelligence and analytics has a major role.

Similarly, Department of Taxation, which has data feeding in from multiple
sources, the challenge is finding one who is not paying tax, since the information is not in the standardised format. Across all levels of government,  the ‘tax gap’ represents billions of dollars of uncollected revenue that could  support vital public services and help reduce budget deficits. Business  Intelligence and analytics solutions for the tax and revenue departments help  in identifying where to focus resources and how to take the appropriate action  to produce desired results. In this regard, I take the example of the Philippines  Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) which reduced federal deficit, and improved  tax collection processes (30 percent increase) with SAS Business Intelligence.

What is unique about SAS Business Intelligent solutions as compared to other market players in this domain?

SAS Business Intelligence integrates data from across the enterprise and provides self-service reporting and analysis at everyone’s fingertips, so decision makers spend less time looking for answers and more time driving    strategic decisions. SAS offers end-to-end enterprise business intelligence   platform offering Data Extraction, Transformation & Loading (ETL), data warehousing to online analytical processing and reporting, and analytical intelligence. With our proven ability to deliver best-in-class business intelligence and analytical software and solutions, coupled with our extensive R&D efforts on BI solutions, we are today well-positioned to help enterprises in India in their quest to spur growth.

“SAS Business intelligence integrates data from across the enterprise and provides self-service reporting and analysis at everyone’s fingertips”

Tell about your recent association with Ministry of Health in identifying  diseases and its epicenter and thus preventing it to become epidemic.

The National AIDS Control Society (NACO) is using SAS epicenter, to control the disease before it becomes an epidemic. Using GIS technology, SAS epicenter informs regarding what are the areas the AIDS is prevalent and where is it  spreading, to take corrective measures, before it is too late. The solution is  providing thus a great tool in the hands of the government to cater to the health  needs of its citizens.

Kindly shed light on your new deals from the various Government   Departments – Ministry of Health, Directorate of Economics and Statistics, Central Board of Excise and Custom etc.

Globally, we are doing lots of work in e-Governance domain. SAS has recently acquired Memex, a worldwide leader in intelligence management solutions that help improve intelligence processes, enhance public safety, and prevent and deter crime, terrorism and other threats. With its ability to share and use data more efficiently and effectively across local, national and global levels, SAS aims at predicting and preventing crime. The acquisition of Memex is thus an important part of SAS global initiative to enhance its law enforcement, criminal justice, homeland security and intelligence offerings.

In India, SAS is supporting the Department of Planning and Statistics,  Government of Maharashtra, in its endeavour to do the right planning. Using  the SAS intelligence solutions, the department is assessing which are the areas  that need schools, police stations and other institutions of public importance. Many banks are now using SAS intelligence solutions to prevent fraud. SAS provides a technology infrastructure for preventing, detecting and managing financial crimes across the various lines of business within today’s banks.

The stock market surveillance is being done by SAS for transparency, so that  the transparency of the Indian stock market is now way ahead of many  countries of the globe.

How do you get the buy-in of the government for BI and BA solutions?

This is an important issue. However, we do have many pro-active and dynamic bureaucrats, who plan ahead, and are aware that fact based decision making is  what will drive the success of projects and programmes, are gradually adopting the business analytics solutions.

What is the market size of BI and BA, worldwide and in India? What   is your share in worldwide market and India market? Who are the other market players in the field?

The BI market in India is expected to be around USD 260 million by 2013  growing at a CAGR of around 22 percent. SAS India is the leader in the  advanced analytics market with a market share of more than 51 percent.  Globally, SAS is the largest privately held software company with leadership in  Business Analytics & Business Intelligence. SAS has been growing yoy for the  last 34 years with 2010 global revenues of $2.31 bn. .

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