The police force of New South Wales (NSW) has implemented Australia's first large scale digital imagery management system which will make images and footages accessible for investigation, saving law enforcers time.

The A$6 million (US$4.8 million) system will help NSW police force manage and protect approximately one million digital images and video footage taken by police officers at crime scenes and imagery given by the public.

The large volume of still and moving images will be stored in a searchable central repository and can be accessed and shared when needed for investigation.

The images will also be protected so they can be used as evidence. Images are encrypted and archived in a digital 'vault' so they cannot be modified or deleted. The system then tracks any modification or retrieval to ensure forensic integrity.

'As Australia's largest police organisation covering a diverse population of seven million people across more than 800,000 square kilometres, we deal with very high case loads so time efficiency is critical,' said Ken Hughes, Commander of the Operational Information Agency, NSW Police Force.


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