21st Century Education Reinventing the Classroom

To say that there is a disconnect between what is being taught in classrooms across the country today and the expected skills a student needs to be ready for the 21st century workspace, is stating the obvious. In a world fast shrinking to a global village, skills like global literacy, computer literacy, creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, effective communication and collaboration skills are essential for any child to grow up to be an effective and productive part of the society.

The emphasis is not just on knowledge of core subjects but also on 21st century interdisciplinary skills and the ability to assess available information, analyse it and be able to apply it to new situations. This highlights the underlying need for deep understanding rather than shallow knowledge. These standards engage students with the real world data, tools, and experts they will encounter in college, on the job, and in life — students learn best when actively engaged in solving meaningful problems and allows for multiple measures of mastery.

This is the mantra for success in the digital economy. This change begins in our classrooms where teaching