Innovation: Mindspark: Digital Adaptive Learning Solution for Kids

Educational Initiatives, a private limited company, has developed a learning programme to allow students to engage in enhancing their understanding of different subjects through a series of interactive content, replete with rich animation and visuals, within the comfort of home by using their PC.

This learning programme, called Mindspark, allows students to construct his or her own learning pace. It is an interactive system, where the student is not learning passively by listening to someone or viewing ready-made solutions, but by answering questions of increasing complexity levels.

At the heart of Mindspark is the theory that students learn best when they control the pace of learning. There have been several successful experiments worldwide on this. Mindspark is a genesis of various such experiments.

A key advantage of Mindspark is the fact that it successfully harnesses the power of new technologies to bolster learning. An intelligent computer system uses a complex adaptive logic to decide what problem to serve up to a student next, based on his response to the current problem and problems answered earlier. The system is also able to identify when a student needs help to understand a concept, and proceeds to give her explanations that will help her move ahead.