Preparing for the Health Care Boom : Vaijayanti Khare, Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences, Pune, India

Ms Vijayanti Khare gives us an insight into healthcare management programs offered by Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences.
What kind of educational background do students opting for the post graduate diploma in Hospital and Health Care Management come from?

The PGD program is mainly a distance learning program and the backgrounds range from practicing doctors, nurses, hospital front office workers, administrators, pharmacists and science graduates.
We now provide an MBA in Hospital & Healthcare Management, and the students range from microbiologists, biotechies, pharma, all streams of doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, BTechies, and even the humanities & commerce graduates. One wonders if, in fact, the MBA program is poised to be an alternative to an MD/MS?

What is the average starting salary (INR per annum) one could expect after specialising in such a course?

The PGD program is a good upgradation, so it could change one’s package by a couple of thousands, but the MBA program is lucrative enough to fetch a range of INR 6-10 (lakhs p.a.) depending upon the graduation background and work experience. One must realize that this market is still in its infancy.
Does Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences (SIHS) have a placement program for its students?

All programs have a placement assistance, but it is important to note that it is the credibility of the academic inputs and not the job agency aspect of the Institution.

Does SIHS plan to offer any similar courses in the future? If yes, what kind and why?

The programs in healthcare are in response to the trends, demands and changing scenarios in the management of healthcare itself. For a Business school like ours, the opportunity to educate, train and empower ‘health managers’ is immense and expanding. It is obvious that such programs have migrated from the traditional medical schools to B-schools!
Programs like, a graduate program in Medical Technology with 5 specializations (Imaging sciences, Cardiac care, Respiratory care, Dialysis care, Clinical care), a graduate program in Radiotherapy and an Executive MBA in Healthcare Management are on the anvil. Semester programs in super specialized Healthcare Management on the lines of HBS or Wharton are a part of the plans too.