0% illiterates by 2010! : Keshab Majumdar, Minister, School Education, Government of Tripura

What is the current strategy adopted to make ICT an integral part of the educational system in Tripura?
We are introducing computer learning from class I and computer education from class VI. We have started education through satellite with EDUSAT in August this year at 50 stations in Tripura. The teachers and students at all these 50 stations are getting distance education from Agartala through EDUSAT. We have also introduced it in our technical education institute that is sponsored by the Central government and also in the engineering college for technical education. We have started an ICT College from Women too.

Tripura Board of Secondary Education includes computer as subject from Class VI to XII. In the First phase, 8 schools have already been covered and 50 more schools will be covered soon.

What are the challenges you come across in the state education sector?
Challenge is the illiteracy! Our goal is