The SSA structure in Gujarat may be replicable in other states : Meena Bhatt, State Project Director, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Government of Gujarat

In emerging trends of learning where do you place Gujarat school education system? What are the innovative learning solutions, best practices or policies specific to the state, that make it a glorified or a successful teaching/ learning system? Do you think what you have been able to do in this project or in this state’s  education sector is replicable in other states or in other educational contexts?

In Gujarat, we have started Computer Aided Education (CAE) in 2003-04 with 517 schools as an innovative activity. The idea is to make the students able to learn themselves the difficult topics of the syllabus with the help of Multimedia based Education Contents. Most of the states are implementing the same project but of course, the structure what Gujarat has created may be replicable in other states. In Gujarat, the computer labs established are having minimum 6 computers. Also the bigger schools have10 computers.

What role does the Public Private Partnerships (PPP) plays in the context of the state’s school  education system, especially in relation to the SSA project. How will the public-private partnership be built self-propelled or centrally guided?

In the initial phase of Computer-aided Learning (CAL), Gujarat has tied up with Azim Premji Foundation for the multimedia based contents on Hard spots. The Public Private Partnership plays a vital role in school education system. In Gujarat, the PPP is being built self-propelled.

What are the key areas where ICT can upgrade human resource development? What are the key skill requirements for Educators, Pedagogical/ Technical?

ICT can upgrade Human Resource Development in many areas, like Decision Making Systems, Analysis of data, Presentation of the difficult areas etc. Both technical as well as pedagogical skills are required  for Educators.

What does the state’s reaction to the current funding pattern for SSA project. How prepared is the state to take the project forward with little dependency on the Union government?

The funding pattern of centrally sponsored schemes should be 75:25 as it was at the time of begining of schemes. However, Gujarat can sustain the schemes with the existing pattern also.

What are the challenges you face in achieving the targets that you have set? What are the new programmes being planned?

Any innovative activity needs some time for the end users to accept and involvement. Similarly, the main challenge was the acceptance of the innovative activity. A strong dedicated team at the state and down level are the strong points for me.

In 5 years from now, where do you see Gujarat is going in terms of quality education? What is there in the agenda for the year 2012? How do you plan to take forward that vision?

In 5 years from now, Gujarat will be on top in terms of Quality education. In 2012 all the eligible children will be getting quality education at elementary level.