The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) of Vietnam has urged the government to build up infrastructure in ICT to improve farming and farm produce trading.

This endeavor will provide information for the farmers to promote their production and marketing. The ministry also suggested the MPT to consider for boosting ICT infrastructure so that TV programmes on agricultural skills can be recorded and circulated to farmers in CD or tape form. On this regard, the MARD has so far attracted several internationally-funded projects. One of these, under the sponsorship of the United Nations Development Programme, involves research into the feasible application of IT services to agricultural production in rural areas. MARD has also launched project Teletex that aims to air TV programmes consisting only of letters, not images, making it easier for rural areas to receive it. These special broadcasts contain information on markets and farm produce prices both at home and abroad, advanced skills on agricultural production and forestry, weather forecasts and Government warnings on the spread of disease or imminent natural disasters.


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