Cable & Wireless gets the 75 million contract of Police National Network

The Police Information Technology Organisation (PITO) awarded the Framework Arrangement for the new Police National Network (PNN3) to Cable & Wireless in following tender process.


The PNN3 Framework Arrangement means that Cable & Wireless is providing managed voice, data, video, Internet and hosting services to all police forces of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, as well as more than 100 organizations in the wider criminal justice community. These services enable the secure transmission of data between two police forces, criminal justice and police related agencies. The new services offer the VoIP and video conferencing services for internal and force-to-force or force-to-agency communications. Still PNN3 offers the standard internal/external telephony service with in-built security and Criminal Justice Extranet (CJX) connectivity, which provides secure Internet access, web hosting and security services to national police.