ICT For Global Health

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Today wireless ICTs are improving the economic and health outlook of many local citizens by facilitating communications and development services. In countries like Cambodia and Uganda, wireless ICTs are connecting patients and doctors separated by thousands of miles.

Technology is improving fast from the personal computer to the Internet in the lives of millions by providing near instantaneous access to information. In the health field also high speed electronic networks allow health professionals to better manage the available physical and human resources, stay informed on the latest research and best practices, and achieve greater accessibility to their patients, thereby raising the level of public health. Since the introduction of ICTs in the health sector, in first world nations have seen a dramatic and sustained improvement in health standards. The lack of a wide spread communication infrastructure in the developing world is a primary contributor to the growing health divide between the first and third worlds.

Bridging the health divide
Technology is not the solution to global public health; instead technology is a facilitator for other health and economic improvement programmes. Traditionally, advocates for health development programmes have enthusiastically touted large

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