July 2015

Need to Spread IT Awareness

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MVV Prasada Rao Director, CBSE

MVV Prasada Rao
Director, CBSE

Most of us know that IT has revolutionised every aspect of life these days, especially the field of education, where it is playing a very significant role. Right from classroom teaching to the examination system, information technology is playing a very important role, but we should also discuss the negative aspects of IT. There are both positive as well as negative aspects of implementing the information technology. Unfortunately, most of the children seem more inclined towards its negative side. So, it needs to be checked before we move any further. There must be some kind of training for the teachers and also the stakeholders, including the students, on how IT can be effectively used in their learning and teaching processes.

As for CBSE, lots of IT initiatives have been undertaken in almost all the fields right from the schools up to the examination level. For instance, recently we introduced the onscreen marking scheme also, i.e. evaluation of papers is done on the screen itself by the teachers. Then, we have vocational education and especially skill education very much linked to IT, because the learning of the skill education through IT becomes very easy.



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