Generative AI

Startek®, a leading global provider of customer experience (CX) solutions, has launched the Startek® Generative AI platform, a sophisticated suite of AI-driven tools aimed at boosting business efficiency and enhancing customer interactions.

The Startek® Generative AI platform is designed to do more than automate tasks; it empowers agents to deliver highly personalised and empathetic customer service. By leveraging advanced AI capabilities, the platform improves agent productivity, streamlines operations, and optimises the customer journey. Key features include rapid identification and resolution of customer issues, enhanced training programs, and sentiment analysis for tailored customer interactions. This innovative platform ensures that agents can respond to customer needs with greater precision and empathy, ultimately transforming the overall customer experience.

“The customer experience landscape is undergoing a significant transformation driven by AI,” stated Abhinandan Jain, Chief Growth Officer of Startek. “Startek Generative AI isn’t just about staying current; it’s about providing businesses with a competitive advantage. Through Generative AI, our clients can deliver exceptional service at every touchpoint, while also achieving substantial cost savings, increased productivity, expanded insights, and improved experiences for both agents and customers.”

At the heart of Startek Generative AI is Startek GPT, a robust engine utilising generative pre-trained transformers. Startek GPT automates tasks, summarises interactions, and analyses customer sentiment, allowing agents to concentrate on complex issues and offer a more personalised customer experience.

Startek® Generative AI has already shown outstanding results for a multinational electronics and hardware manufacturer, with a 20% improvement in First Call Resolution (FCR) for 50% of agents and a 15% improvement in Voice Average Handling Time (AHT) for 60% of agents.

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Startek Generative AI is not just addressing today’s challenges; it is a glimpse into the future of customer experience. With a deeply human-centric approach, as businesses embrace Generative AI, Startek Generative AI is set to redefine customer expectations at every touchpoint.

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