Varanasi's Modernisation

In a significant move aimed at modernizing Varanasi’s infrastructure and tackling urban challenges, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has commissioned Genesys International Corporation, a prominent mapping and geospatial company, to develop a 3D Digital Twin of the city. Leveraging Genesys New India Map stack, the project marks a pivotal step towards the digital transformation of Varanasi, the Prime Minister’s constituency.

Under the collaboration between Genesys and Varanasi Smart City Limited (VSCL), the ambitious initiative will entail the creation of a precise 3D replica spanning an extensive area of 160 square kilometers. With an order value of INR 7 crores, the project aims to capture Varanasi‘s physical features, processes, and relationships in intricate detail.

Sajid Malik, CMD of Genesys International, highlighted the project’s significance: “Our 3D city data will be integrated into various development schemes and projects. The simulation capabilities offered by the Digital Twin will aid urban planning efforts, allowing predictive visualization of infrastructure projects such as flyovers, foot over bridges, and road-widening.”

The endeavor aligns with India’s broader urban development goals. In November, Survey of India (SOI) and Genesys International Corporation Limited had announced a partnership to develop GIS-enabled Digital Twins for major Indian cities and towns. This initiative aims to empower government authorities and city planners in designing sustainable and resilient urban environments.

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Commenting on the initiative, Malik emphasized, “The highly accurate geometrical data will help develop a host of high-end applications, enabling flagship government schemes such as SVAMITVA, Smart Cities Mission, and PM GatiShakti.”

Furthermore, Genesys has already completed street imaging programs for approximately 1500 towns and cities and collaborates with Google Maps for the same, underscoring its commitment to building smarter and more resilient urban centers across India.


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