Ensuring safety, securing Kumbh

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We are boosting our existing security apparatus. CCTV grids, Watch Towers, Surveillance Systems, Command & Control Centers are all being reviewed, reassessed and upgraded, says Krishna Kumar V K, Senior Superintendent of Police, Haridwar in an interview with Souvik Goswami of Elets News Network (ENN).

How Haridwar is gearing up for Maha Kumbh 2021 in respect of security and safety?

Haridwar is one of the most prominent religious destination worldwide. Maha Kumbh 2021 is a mega event. It will witness footfalls running into crores. Naturally such a mega event comes with its own security challenges. We are boosting our existing security apparatus. CCTV grids, Watch Towers, Surveillance Systems, Command and Control Centers are all being reviewed, reassessed and upgraded. We want to establish a wold class integrated security network with the state-of-the-art command center.

What are the conventional challenges along with the new age threats that need to be addressed ?

A mega event like Kumbh in itself is a biggest challenge. Managing such a huge crowd in a hassle free way, ensuring smooth flow of people and traffic, arranging the Shahi Snans and other Snans, where crores of people take a dip in the holy Ganga, takes meticulous planning. Conventional challenges are crowd control, crowd channeling, crowd diversion, allotting specific time slots for the Snans and finishing it in time. Ensuring safe and fast exit of people so as to prevent stampede is our one of the main priority. Ensuring our readiness to tackle any kind of disasters like fire, flash floods, etc, is also important.

With the new age and current security scenario, Haridwar is the most prominent target for unwarranted attacks. Hence we need an aggressive and intense surveillance systems involving both human and technological intelligent apparatus. Aerial surveillance like drones, ground surveillance like CCTVs, wide spread anti sabotage checks, explosive detection systems, K9 squads need to be deployed. Real time intelligence analysis and dissemination system need to be developed where valuable intelligence is distributed on real time to the ground operatives. Deployment of elite counter terror units equipped with sophisticated weapons and technology to tackle hostage rescue and urban counter terror situation is necessary.

What is your message for security tech solution companies who are looking to be a part of Maha Kumbh 2021?

Today is an era of meta data, smartphones and information technology. We need companies to participate with us in building a robust security infrastructure both on ground and virtually. Companies having domain expertise in aerial surveillance, unmanned aerial vehicles, satellite tracking, geo fencing, GPS-based technologies are openly invited to participate. Companies specialising in modern weapon systems, smart traffic solutions, encrypted communication networks, multi modal public announcement systems, cyber security, integrated software solutions, smart control rooms are cordially invited to come and develop a long term partnership with us for Maha Kumbh 2021.

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