‘Go Green’ With NComputing Solutions

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NComputing solutions can reduce the acquisition cost, power requirement and maintenance cost simultaneously, says Amit Khanna, Director Business Development , NComputing India in conversation with Priyanka Sharma of Elets News Network (ENN).

Amit Khanna, Director
Business Development
NComputing India

NComputing is working with the government on different IT projects. Can you tell us something about it?
We have been working with different governments for the past 8-9 years. We have already implemented large Information and Communications Technology (ICT) projects in India. NComputing deployed 15,000 ICT solutions in Gujarat, 50,000 ICT projects in Haryana and various other projects in Punjab. We started our journey from Andhra Pradesh (AP) with implementing ICT projects in 5,000 schools of AP. We have provided ICT solutions to 5,000 schools in Maharashtra, a couple of thousands school in Bihar, more than 5,00 schools in Odisha and 1,100 schools in Delhi.

How prepared you are to meet the government expectations from your organisation?
We are fully prepared because we have done so many projects with previous governments also. We have a national distributor in India in addition to 800 partners who are working to meet the requirements of the government specially in the education field and for the large corporates. Our technology can reduce the acquisition cost to about 70 %, power requirement by up to 90 % and maintenance cost by upto 80 %. These are some of the benefits which governments, Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) can get by our solutions.
We have signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a government organisation called Centre for Deployment for Advanced Technologies (CDAC). It is an organisation under Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) and have solutions of open space servers, cloud computing, and online educational training.
We have a desktop virtualisation sharing system which we have done on their operating system. Using CDAC’s Indian version of Linux Operating System (BOSS) and NComputing shared technology, more powerful features are available.
CDAC and NComputing solutions have been proven at hundreds of Indian government departments and in over 1, 75,000 seats in 10,000 schools in India.
Using NComputing shared computing technology, 100 users on a single server can be connected simultaneously.

Can you throw some light on your Go Green with NComputing concept in brief?
Go Green initiative is very important in the IT deployment. We reduce the cover consumption by 90-95 % for our customers. The hardware solutions offered by us only consumes five racks of power. We have products which consumes only two racks of power. If a customer employs NComputing technologies to the Personal Computer (PC), which traditionally consumes 150 racks, the power consumption drastically comes down. When power utilisation is reduced, the Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) requirement is reduced as well. UPS residue also decreases statistically. It starts a chain reaction of power reduction and costs saving.

Using NComputing shared computing technology, 100 users on a single server can be connected simultaneously.

What are the major challenges that you feel the government needs to address in the longterm?
In India the government is focusing on IT based solutions and digital drive. It is focusing on go green initiative. But it needs to address a lot of challenges. The most important is awareness of technology to the users and also the adoption of technology. Proper training should be provided to people so that they can adopt technology easily. Support mechanism has to be in place to create awareness. We also need to create availability of solutions. They have to be tried out with various government organisations.

What are the areas you are focussing on with this endeavour’s initiation?
With joint engagement with CDAC, we want to take our solutions to all the applicable market which are central government departments. From the government there is a lot of push for the adoption of Linux but the adoption is not great. By creating a joint venture we want to take this awareness to a next level where we can create more penetration for adoption of these new technologies in state and central government departments. Educational and institutes are another area where options are available but adoption is not high and it needs to be worked upon.
Navy, Army are heavy users of Linux and our solutions fit perfectly for them. We also have non government segments like manufacturing segment, small and medium businesses adopting Linux. Cooperative banks are also adopting Linux solutions. Awareness is the key to adoption of these technologies which will help in shifting the mindset of users from traditional window option to Linux.

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