Round-the-Clock Water Supply on Cards: Kamlesh Srivastava

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Kamlesh Srivastava, Executive Engineer, Water Works Department Jabalpur Municipal Corporation

A Smart City is an amalgamation of a lot of high-tech resources, with water being an important element. In an interaction with Elets News Network (ENN), Kamlesh Srivastava, Executive Engineer, Water Works Department, Jabalpur Municipal Corporation, says that a 24×7 water supply system is already on the anvil for Jabalpur

What are the challenges in the Smart City development?

Since the Smart City area development is actually a retrofit programme, there is a need to upgrade the existing elements. It is one of the biggest challenges to not disturb the day-to-day life of people in the process of developing a Smart Jabalpur.

Drawing of design, lining up the contractors, procuring them man and materials for processing can be another big challenge. We hope that things will go the right way along with maintaining international standards.

What is your view on citizen engagement?

Where will you get human resources from? Programmes on citizen engagement are already happening and is an ongoing process. In the past, we did many programmes to involve the local citizenry and a lot of such programmes will also be done in the future to intensively engage the people. Now, our department is taking them into confidence, so that the work goes smooth. Citizen engagement is the key to making Jabalpur a Smart City.

What is the tourism potential of Jabalpur, and what are the provisions of drinking water facility with regard to the same?

Jabalpur is a place full of natural resources, as we have several national parks around. Although tourists visit this place, they don’t stay here beyond days. So, there is a need to organise some recreational activities to hold them back longer. We do have some existing drinking water facilities here, but we need to develop more. ere is a system of Solar Light Water Purifier, which is economical and needs to be strengthened.

Is your department doing something to adopt Smart Water Conservation Techniques?

Are you looking forward to engaging with any technology partner? Madhya Pradesh and Jabalpur in particular, has plenty of water. We supply 147 litres water per household per day as against a standard of 35 litres per household per day. Therefore, the water reserve needs to be increased at the same time.

Apart from that, 30-40 percent water loss has to be decreased. The best thing we are planning to do is provide a 24×7 water supply system for Smart City area. We are working on hydraulic modelling and a tender has been issued to approach a consultant in this regard. We have also developed our Drainage water reprocessing system through which reprocessed water will be used for gardening/washing purposes. Once the system becomes operational, two connections to every household will be given.

What is your organisation doing for rain-water harvesting?

Under the water harvesting rules, the Municipal Corporation levies some charges from public during the construction of their house itself. So, what our plans are that if the rules are not in existence, it will be done. Besides, groundwater level has to be increased.

A simple technique of rainwater harvesting is plantation or forestry. The technology is available and other techniques can also be adopted for the water harvesting programme

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