eGov May 2016 : Jabalpur – Historic Past To Smarter Future

The special issue of eGov magazine with focus on the development and evolution of Jabalpur as Smart City.

For the People by the People
Cover Story –
Smarter Days Ahead for Historic Jabalpur
Jabalpur Special –
Citizen-Centric Approach for Smarter Cities
Shaping Jabalpur as a Role Model
Citizen Involvement Key to Smart Jabalpur
Smart Moves for Smarter City
Jabalpur – A Medical Tourism Hub in Making
Smart Security, Smarter Traffic System on Cards
Madan Mahal Soon to Transform into Model Railway Station
Jabalpur Lijjat Model Sister-Members are the Owners
Round-the-Clock Water Supply on Cards
Corporate –
Delivery with Excellence
Driving Cities to Path of Water Management
The IT Enabler for Govt Programmes
SAS Pushes Up Data Analytics Bar
‘Vendor of Choice’ Moving in Sync with Digital Age Demands
A ‘Yatra’ to Connect Products with Users
Emerging Digital Landscape Pushing Data Privacy Quest
Digilink to Digitally Link Smart Cities
Cloud Changing Governance Dynamics
Trimble Leads the Geospatial Space
Resolving the ‘Identity Crisis’
Connecting Brands with Market
Special Interview –
National Cloud Launch Pad for Digital India
Special Article –
Digital Locker Unlocking Its Full Potential