‘CIT’ Transforming Lives

Suresh Prabhu

One of the major initiatives that the Government of India has taken up is ‘Digital India’. This is going to transform our society. Just imagine that every person in India has a digital identity, everyone with a unique identity would have a different type of a system, through which he could operate using its digital capabilities. Imagine what would happen in the country in next few years time! Therefore, ‘Digital India’ is a great idea in itself. IT could play a significant role in changing the way we live, the way we do business and our lifestyle, thus completely transforming our thinking itself.

Probably, it is not just about IT, rather I would like to call it a CIT (Communication and Information Technology) event, as nowadays integration of communication technology and information technology is so very necessary. So, today, when we talk about transformation, we should try to see how we can use CIT in an effective way. We even talk about geospatial technology, wherein CIT plays a very significant role.

Goa has to be the right destination for the next generation of IT development. Globally, spending in IT industry happens two times: one, when economy is growing because one has to invest into IT to get its advantages, and second, when economy is going down, because one has to do cost cutting. But today, bottoming up of the economy is happening so much that companies have to cut not only the cost, but also in IT expenditure. I am sure biggest market for IT in the next few years will be India, which will also push the other sectors to a great extent. So, let’s invest into IT lavishly.