Unicel Technologies: Helping Nation Move Towards mAge

As the number of smartphones increases rapidly in the country, in the days ahead, almost every problem will have a mobile solution. Sanjay Aggarwal, CEO, Unicel Technologies, tells Akanki Sharma of Elets News Network (ENN)

Sanjay-AggarwalWhat kind of mobility solutions does your company offer?

The Unicel Technologies provides Integrated Cloud Communication Solutions across SMS, Voice, e-mail and Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD). Our Software as a Solution (SaaS)-based offerings include work relating to Pay-As-You-Go model that offers uniqueness and ease-of-use to the enterprise users. We have built numerous communication applications leveraging years of experience servicing enterprise requirements, so that many of enterprise needs could be serviced ‘out of the box’, with zero development effort. Some of them include:


It is an enterprise mobile messaging solution that connects organisations with its workforce or customers at any time, any place. It is a registered trade mark of Unicel Technologies, which enables enterprises to send bulk messages with a single push, track the delivery progress of each message and view detailed message analytics.

DIY business rules

Unicel’s two-way messaging solutions provide an enterprise user with full control on two-way messaging resources. With the self-service portal enterprise, users can configure actions for virtual numbers and keywords on the move. Tightly integrated with Unicel’s NotifyOne and RetrieveOne, users can trigger a group message or a voice call to a predefined group, or retrieve messages sent to a particular mobile number.

You Write, We Speak

Unicel Text-to-Speech is another mobility solution providing wings to your communications. An enterprise user can convert an SMS into a voice call and broadcast it by using BroadcastOne as well as via MailOne. Regular e-mails also get converted into voice calls and are sent instantly to the mobile numbers mentioned in the mail list or the group.

Make Calls Globally

In addition to it, international dialing from Unicel enables enterprises to reach their audience around the world with the same simplicity as automated calling applications in India, at reduced costs, increased flexibility and no upfront capex. The service is aimed at enhancing seamless communication as well as integration for further applications improving user experience with simplicity and control.

“Tightly integrated with Unicel’s NotifyOne and RetrieveOne, users can trigger a group message or a voice call to a predefined group or retrieve messages sent to a particular mobile number”

Take home Unicel Platform

UNICEL ConnectOne is an on-premise messaging solution that provides most of UNICEL cloud-based SMS applications in a packaged form that can be deployed in a Windows environment. It helps enterprises deliver information to mobile devices with enormous flexibility, with capability to integrate across diverse data sources. The ConnectOne platform communicates to any SMS Gateway either on Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) protocol or on HTTP/HTTPS protocol, thus providing scalability and redundancy.

One Account, Many Services

An enterprise user can access SMS, Voice, e-Mail and USSD from a single sign-on to effortlessly leverage the media to best suit their communication needs.

Real-Time Content Transformation

Enterprise users can leverage seamless content transformation from one media to another. Banking customers can now receive OTP alerts over Voice call instantly when SMS delivery fails, or enterprises can simultaneously broadcast critical alerts both as SMS and Voice calls.

BFSI is one sector that depends heavily on mobility. Do you offer any solutions there?

We have a strong presence in BFSI. Unicel`s ConnectOne is a messaging solution based on Short Message Peer-to-Peer (SMPP) protocol deployed at the customer’s data center and requires no programming on their side. It directly extracts the relevant data from the customer’s databases, and then handles all the interaction with Unicel’s secure and scalable cloud platform for sending and receiving communications. Our banking customers deliver One Time Passwords (OTP) with the highest SLAs in the industry using ConnectOne. In the event of an SMS delivery failure, ConnectOne instantly converts SMS into a voice call.

Why do you think your products/services have an edge over others?

UNICEL`s proprietary telecom infrastructure, deployed with multiple telecom operators in the country to ensure highest service levels and maximum scalability, gives the company its cutting edge over the competitors. In addition, our market leading user experience-based design is in place to ensure maximum user satisfaction.

“With approximately 96 crore mobile subscribers base, we are definitely ready for the shift (from eGovernance to mGovernance)”

Some other salient differentiators are:

  • Single sign-on to access SMS, Voice, e-Mail and USSD
  • In-house developed enterprise-grade SMSC tailor-made for Indian telecom scenario
  • Many innovative ‘off-the-shelf’ SaaS-based applications
  • Pioneer of Virtual Number in India


Do you think it is time for India to shift from eGovernance to mGovernance?

With approximately 96 crore mobile subscribers base, we are definitely ready for the shift. SMS, the basic media of digital communication, can play only a specific role in the entire sequence of events. There is a significant room for other mediums too, such as Voice and Mobile Apps.

Internet and smartphone penetration will play a critical role with regard to policy delivery via mobile apps. However, as the Internet has penetrated only 30 per cent of the mobile subscriber base, it can be challenging for effective deployment of mGovernance.

What are your plans and strategies to further escalate your presence in the Indian market?

We have ambitious plans. We aim to achieve growth across levels by expanding our reach to Tier II cities and widening our product offerings to data services which can be delivered to the first screen – the mobile phone – with industry’s best standards.