Time to Payback to the Nation

Gone are the days when  IT companies in India out of compulsion had to  serve only US and  European markets. The reason being Indian companies had skills and manpower and these markets had  business potential and opportunities.

Now after  globalisation and competition has made inroads   in Indian markets we are seeing booming business in India across sectors like banking, finance, and insurance; telecom; aviation; automotive, etc. The latest in the chain is e-Governance.

Government has explicit and implicit reasons to adapt to these fast happenings for various political, economic, social, and all other good reasons; the pace of change within government has been mixed, however the good news is ‘It has begun and there is no scope for U-turn’. Today there is no dearth of opportunities in India, Government in India is showing the willingness and symptoms to change continuously. The change journey in government is ON.


The bottleneck is with the industry to respond and demonstrate its commitment to the nation in such ever changing scenario. The Indian MNC(s) [Multinational Companies] – all big ticket, big time exporters in ICT and related industry need to look at India seriously. Here, efforts are to be made to highlight primarily the e-Governance space.

There are many reasons for Indian MNC(s) to look at India seriously and deliver their commitment to the Nation. Opportunities are growing in India, market is maturing in India, Rupee appreciation, recession in different parts of the world,, … are among the key factors.

The fact remains; the Indian MNC(s) are hardly working for India as a nation by means of seriously and actively participating in the e-Governance projects. Even if some claim to be working subject to some partly exception, they either work on creamy opportunities or do the lip service by associating few top individuals from their leadership teams with some high level teams. However, they need to associate themselves with ground realities and on-going projects; they need to bring their skin to the table to demonstrate their commitment to the country.

The fact remains, the best of talent, infrastructure, and investments of Indian MNC(s) still works for international assignments; reasons are many; however the Indian MNC(s) must accept the challenge the create meaningful reasons to bring their best talent, infrastructure, and investments to deliver on National assignments. If it calls for few demands/expectations from the Government of India, they must spell them out clearly to ensure their effective participation. It is easier said than done, but it is do(able).

There are sectors like education, health, agriculture, rural and urban development, and other sectors; where industry players are running their businesses in respective sectors; however, there is a need to create meaningful synergy between industry and government such that these sectors can progress and deliver results efficiently and effectively.

If Indian MNC(s) start working with the Government of India with full or little more intent, it should help the Government of India to change still faster for good in terms of its procurement norms, process, and procedure; project definitions, expectations, and deliverables; project execution, monitoring, and sustenance strategies; ….

In the process, many mid-sized companies have come up in India. It is again good news, but there would be enough market and opportunities for all size and all kind of companies to find their feet in India.

On government’s part, they need to create some motivational reasons for the Indian MNC(s) to bring their best to the nation. May be, government needs to enhance the industry participation in their policy making, decision making, and implementation and monitoring.

The brighter side of the story is that government is changing and clearly demonstrating the adoption to ever changing scenario. It is the turn of Indian MNC(s) to reciprocate.

The Government and Indian MNC(s) must look for meaningful inclusive opportunity creation and management, but Indian MNC(s) must look at the means and ways to deliver to the nation through their core.

Commitment to the nation must clearly reflect in all their actions, right from their vision and mission through business strategies and plans, human resource policies. It must be measurable. These companies must align their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) in their absolute and explicit commitment to the nation