network for healthcare : Jagdish Mahapatra, Vice President

Cisco has announced the roll-out of its Medical Grade Network (MGN) offerings in India, targeting the domestic healthcare service providers. What is the technology framework and solution architecture of MGN?

With the roll out of Cisco Medical-Grade Network we look forward to build awareness amongst hospitals and healthcare practitioners of the benefits of technology in the sector through our partners and healthcare seminars across the nation.

The Cisco MGN creates the foundation technology from which information can be disseminated within the hospital or healthcare system. By interconnecting independent healthcare entities that are now technology-enabled by the Cisco MGN, Cisco supports the transformation of healthcare with the connected healthcare ecosystem.

This Network helps create collaborative relationships among all members of the connected healthcare ecosystem, enabling a connected healthcare community through interoperable processes, technology, and people to provide ‘anywhere, anytime’ information.
The Network provides an optimized framework for the healthcare industry by meeting healthcare’s unique needs for interoperability, security, availability, productivity and flexibility. Recognizing that every healthcare institution has different needs