Winners of the Lucky Draw!
We would like to thank our readers for providing overwhelming feedback on ‘egov’- magazine and portal. We value your suggestions and will take appropriate steps to incorporate them. We are happy to announce the winners of the ‘egov Lucky Draw’, who are being given 1 year free subscription of egov magazine.

The names of the winners are given below.

1. Dr. Susheel Chhabra, Assistant Profesor (IT), Lal Bahadur Institute of Management
2. Anil K Sharma, Superintending Engineer, Central Public Works Department, GoI
3. NSN Murty, Head, Business Development and Alliances, 3i Infotech Ltd.
4. Alok Perti, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Defence, Government of India

Congratulations winners! We will be getting in touch with you soon.
– egov Team

Keep it up! I am quite satisfied with this magazine.
Deepak Sood, Business Support Analyst,  Intel China Ltd., China
The magazine is really wonderful. If possible send try to send these details to all the rural areas. E.Karthikeyan, Assistant Professor, Karpagam Arts and Science College, India

Need more packages on daily citizen government interfaces.
Narayana Reddy, Extension Officer (PR&RD),  AP  Government, India Very Refreshing! However, more rural focus is required.
Dr. H.S.Bajwa, Senior Extension Specialist, Agriculture University, India

The mazgazine has improved gradually from its inception and has come out to a very good format now.
Dr Rajendraa Pal, Reader, CEI, NCERT, New Delhi

This magazine has been the pioneer of its kind. So, it needs to maintain its qualitative aspects as the first importance. Some user friendly examples of e-Government initiatives in different public sector may be incorporated.

Jahid Hossain Panir, Deputy Director, Bangladesh Administration Training Centre, Bangladesh

The overall content of this magazine is excellent.
Kemal Bajramovic, Head of IT Group, Civil Service Agency of Bosnia and Hargegovina

It is very relevant to developing contexts and a great professional resource.

Tracey Naughton, Country Director, Pact Mangolia, Mangolia

It has been providing good content consistently hence the interest to read every new edition has not gone down.
NSN Murty,  Head – Busienss Development & Alliances, 3i Infotech Ltd., India

Overall contents of the magazine are good. More space may be given to case studies of actual implementation of e-governance project in government offices howsoever small they may be.

A small column indicating usefulness of computers for day-to-day in administrative problems can be started in which practical solutions devised by the readers may also be given. A small quiz type feature may also be added.
R.N.Dandekar, Chief Engineer (CDO), CPWD, India

I read the online version of this magazine. It is a very good effort.
Mahesh C Verma, Director, IT Linguistics Institute, Luxembourg

To my opinion, the magazine has very timely coverage and easy style of dissemination.

My suggestion to this magazine is to have holistic cover of the e-Gov initiatives of various States across the country. Target the youth of the country and make them aware of the e-Gov potential by introducing the e-Gov subject into their course curriculum both for B.Tech/B.E(IT,CSE,ECE,EEE,Mech) ,MCA, and MBA Courses and target several articles and papers for this cross section of the audience.
Dr.V.Prithviraj, Professor and Vice Principal, Pondicherry Engineering College

It has become the major publication on regional e-gov developments, trends and concepts. It has a very current approach to regional situation. Since I receive the hardcopy regularly, I rarely visit the site. From my little experience it is a good site providing all relevant info electronically
Wasantha Deshapriya, Director, Re-Gov, ICTA, Sri Lanka

The contents have improved extensively. The new content/ services available through various e-gov websites of various governments would be of interest to the readers.
P K Garg, Wireless Adviser to the GoI, Dept. of IT, India

It is evolving into an informed reading and reference material on the e-gov happenings around the world.
Ramgopal Pamidimukkala, Partner, Byrraju Foundation, India

A very well presented magazine with relevant content on up-to-date areas of interest.
Uttam C. Laisram, Director (S&T and I.T.), GoI

Very Good!  I would like to have a dedicated section on PPP. Excellent effort, keeps it sustaining.
S S Duggal, Technical Director, National Informatics Centre, Government of India

Excellent effort! I like the editorial, application feature, case studies the most.  Additional section on rural e-Governance, Security Solutions, Network Solutions, Storage and Servers would be welcomed. May have some funny features also related to IT such as cartoon etc.
J.P.Pandey, Project Manager, TCIL, India

It is very nice international magazine. I gave interview to the magazine about the e-Governance in Estonia in 2005, after that I am systematically reading the magazine and I think it is very interesting and useful for e-government experts in all around the world.  Continue with the good job!
Monika Lekic, Project Manager,

e-Governance Academy, Estonia

It has come a long way to become one of the respected magazines in this rapildy changing field of

e-Government – will soon become a must read magazine for anyone involved in e-Government and who wants to stay current in this area. Coverage on emerging good practices in

e-Government applications with clear evidence and analysis; what has worked and what has not worked; in and underlying reasons, current thinking from the world’s leading e-Government experts; covering both operational and policy areas; changing roles of public and private sector in the provision of e-Government services; sustainability of e-Government programs; Impact of e-Gov programs and its methodology could also be helpful for the readers.
S. Jankiram, Champion, World Bank

A good focused magazine, providing lot of value addition for decision makers in e-gov space
Subhash Patil, System Manager, Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation, Mumbai

As I am viewing only online copies, the concept is very good, and is growing day by day by opening more areas to it. Wish egov very good circulation and a very happy new year!

Career counseling / more options and details about IT industry, detailed reports and success stories of different individuals to motivate coming generation would be very useful.

Sghalini Luthra, Front Desk Executive, Ahloeon International School, India

It has grown to become a informative magazine for egov people. It gives a snapshot of egov events, issues and developments even though most information is India based.
Magazine is a good source of information on mainly Indian e-gov although thematic issues do embrace others. But as a magazine it is more vendors driven in tone and style. I would like to see some critical essays on e-gov. You have some occasionally but it isn’t a regular feature

Hazman Shah Abdullah, Professor, Universiti Teknologi Mara, Malaysia

egov is improving every year. Would like to know about new projects awarded by the government every month.
Alok Gupta, Managing Director, Samtech Infotech Ltd., India

It is a good endeavour.  It must include feedback from rural areas.

N. K. Chhibber, Secretary General, Pacific Telephone Council India Foundation

I am reading the online version of this magazine and is a fantastic effort to provide information sharing platform between e- Governance stake holders of our country.

Prof Ashok R Patel, Director of Computer Department, Ph.D. (E-governance), North Gujarat University, India

It needs improvement like focusing on benchmarking and local governance. Technical training or information to develop the lowly paid government employees. Accomplishments are good but will not help develop the personal technical and management skills of government employees.Give technical and management training information to develop government employee’s capability
Edward C. Larubis, Provincial Assessor, Philippines

Reading this magazine for last 2 years and I must say that it has been filling a much felt void.
Ram K Goel, Vice President, Infostep, India

The magazine has developed into a good reading source for understanding the subject.
G. S. Krishnan, Director – IT, National Productivity Council, India

The magazine covers all aspects of e-Governance with valuable information which gives an in-depth view of the topic and is really helpful for the society and the decision makers of our society. I believe egov is providing information in a very interactive way and one just has to pick either the online or print version of the journal. The website is also very interactive and user friendly. Keep it up!
Qamar Raza, Senior Executive, India Habitat Centre, New Delhi

It is an excellent and the only monthly magazine on eGovernance which touches all facets of ICT developments across the country and outer world. During the past three years I have seen tremendous improvements in the in the design and layout of the magazine with enrichment of its contents. In a nutshell, it can be said that we all are proud of your eGov monthly magazine. Please dedicate some regular columns on each issue of eGov monthly on state wise ICT development and e-Governance. It will be better to collaborate with each NIC State correspondent ”Informatics” for these columns. This way readers in each state will show more interest on their own issues that has come in your high esteemed ‘eGov’. Keep it up!
Nirmal Kishor Prasad, Principal Systems Analyst (Scientist-D), NIC, Bihar, India

I am observing egov magazine for the last 3 years  and I must say that it has evolved from yet another publication to a valuable periodical giving a wealth of information on e-Governance projects, and technology platforms for e-Governance. I rate the magazine as one of the best because the interviews with policy makers in the Government and eminent e-Gov champions are providing insights and authentic source of information on the e-Governance scenario at the national and international level. My suggestion for egov is to add Special Features focusing on a particular state in every issue giving its successes as well as failures in its implementation of e- Governance.
Dr.V.S.R.Krishnaiah, Senior Technical Director, NIC, Delhi

It is a good magazine that helps one to keep abreast with happenings in the area of e-governance in government.
Alok Perti, Joint Secretary, Ministry of Defense, GoI

It is an excellent experience going through the sections. It has wide coverage and a right mix of articles – from Defence to Panchayats.  Make available presentations of experts so that knowledge may be shared, accessed and researched.

Amit Mazumder, Scientist-D (Principal Systems Analyst), NIC, West Bengal, India,

I think it is the best among all the available e-Governance magazines
B. P. Mishra, Scientist-D, NIC, India

The magazine has contributed significantly to enhance e-governance.
Dr. Susheel Chhabra, Assistant Professor (IT), Lal Bahadur Institute of Management, India

egov magazine has been serving its dedicated readers very usefully. This was really the case when it started 3 years back. Now there are few more magazines in the horizon dealing with almost the same subject with varied focus. So, perpetual evolution has to be a parameter for your magazine to stay as different from others. This has to be exercised regularly (and quietly) through a permanent internal institutional procedure. Additional sections that can be introduced are on PPP, m-Governance; Case studies on GPR and legal changes in the government domain to facilitate egov readers.
Ashis Sanyal, Senior Director, DIT, GoI

The magazine is doing an excellent work.
Ajay Gupta, Manager (IT Applications), Delhi Integrated Multi-Modal Transit System Ltd (DIMTS).

I feel this magazine is very useful for advancement of ICT and e- Governance. More information should be included for agricultural scientist and farmers for advance agricultural product at International standard and also use of ICT in the field of agriculture.
Ram Taul, Sr. Reprography Officer, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, India

The magazine has been useful in its first phase. The second phase should make substantial change; otherwise the magazine will be “me- too” type and will be out of focus amongst readers.  e-Governance is identical to government computerisation programme- this image should be removed through articles in the magazine. Should plan for the second phase of magazine else it will be losing its significance. Should attract corporate houses to read this magazine
A. B. Patki, Senior Director / Sceintist G & Hod, DIT, India

Remarkable job!  My appreciation for the egov team that has put in lots of efforts for such an excellent publication. Links to the various Indian e-Gov portals / State sites would be appreciated.
Dr. Dhrupad Mathur, Sr. Consultant, NeGP, PMU, DIT, GoI

Good effort, and very pertinent.
Alok Bhargava, Executive Director, IL&FS

egov magazine is a very comprehensive, well versed magazine covering latest updates of case studies, thematic features and technology features. I appreciate your organization to publish such a valuable magazine to update our knowledge in the field of e-Governance. Thank you very much. It will be better if you incorporate additional sections like rural e-Governance and security solutions which are emerging faster in the days to come.
Chandra Mohan Panda, Scientist- D, NIC, India

Excellent effort. Keep it up!
Vimal Kumar Varun, Scientist E and CPIO, Dept. of Science and Industrial Research

It gives lots of information in one magazine. I just can’t miss this magazine. I really feel of missing something If I don’t see this magazine. It is really a boost for e-Governance.
Mansoorul Haque, Senior Systems Analyst, Dept. of Road Transport & Highway, India

The magazine is good, should be improved by making it more interactive.  I shall send a few suggestions soon.
Vijay Pratap Singh Aditya, CEO, Ekagaon, India

I have been reading the online version for only about one year – too early to discuss its evolution process.  Keep up the good job.
Lt Col [retd] K J Singh, Director, Designmate, India

The magazine is excellent and is improving over the years. Each issue of the magazine may also cover an Indian state with regard to e-Governance, giving a relative rating of the state in respect of its implementation.
Prof. Zahid H. Khan, Hony. Director, Jamia Millia Islamia University

Though the magazine has graduated over the past three years, it has to strive hard to keep it interesting and popular amongst not only the IT professionals but amongst the ordinary literate masses. It needs to cover some common hardware and software related issues as may be relevant to an interested in the subject with a focus on common literate man.
Anil K Sharma, Superintending Engineer, Central Public Works Department, Government of India

It’s a very good magazine. It can become better to include some impact and performance and maturity model for e-Governance like CMM. More coverage on standards and architecture is solicited.
Dr. K. Subramanian, DDG& IT adviser, CAG, NIC

It is too good to see magazine in my inbox.  That’s great.
Ashwani Kumar, FCSA, India

For the last two years noticed the magazine coming of age. Could improve with focuses on more social impact!
Balasubramanian D, Manager – IS, French Institute of Pondichery, India

In Indian context there is a need of framework around e Gov initiatives. egov provided excellent forum for this. My contribution was accepted a viewpoint but we need to go further than mere viewpoint. Process consultants can provide more than just a approach.
Praful Gharpure, ITIL-Six Sigma Consultant, TCS, India

The magazine does serve the purpose and it gives us lots of perspectives of how technology is transforming the lives of masses.
Ganesh Subramanian, Group Head, E 3 Vidya Private Ltd. India

I am getting online copy and find it excellent. Please bring out the e-gov tenders from different stack holders like state and central governments and also that of other APAC countries if possible.
VN Ramalingam, DGM, HCL Infosystems Ltd. India

Started reading online copies few months back, the contents are very good. However, it should also cover a feature on unsolved / common problems faced by governmental agencies / departments so that people reading might come out with innovative ideas.
Vijay Damani, Pre-sales Consultant, Ramco Infotech Pvt. Ltd. India

Over all it is a very good magazine. Kindly include e-Governance success stories from all organizations, collect important public opinions on each project and publish it.
S. Sreenivasa Rao, Scientist-B, NIC, India

It is very informative magazine focusing on the developing section of e-Governance locally with international tidbits. Many-many congratulations for completing 3 years of publication.
Partha Sadhak, Assistant Manager, Stock Holding Corporation India Pvt. Ltd., India


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