The year ended March 2007 has been excellent for IT training industry as a whole and for New Horizons India (NHI) in general. The company achieved 100% growth in its revenue and all initiatives of the company have started to bear fruit in this year. During this year the IT training industry grew in our estimate from a level of INR1000 crores by 30% to INR1300 crores of which 90% is contributed by retail and approximately 10% by corporate.  New Horizons India who has approx. 1.5% share of the Indian IT training market, is pre-dominantly a corporate training company worldwide. On a global level, most of Fortune-100 companies are clients of New Horizons and therefore, very naturally in India too 70% of revenue comes to NHI from institutional and corporate segments.

We now have a very large portfolio of highly satisfied corporate clients as our customers.  With a large variety of courses on offering (numbering 1200 in all), state-of-the-art facilities, world class content and triple certified faculty, New Horizons is ideally suited to fulfill corporate needs of customized  training. New Horizons is present in all modes of learning delivery which includes class-room training, client site training, computer based training, e-Learning, etc.

New Horizons, USA starting its operations in 1982, is the world


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