February 2004

Et Cetra: Games people play

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Communicating basic ICT skills to children requires considerable innovation and effort on the part of the teacher. Here are a few examples of exercises that have been followed in several schools of UK. Contributed by several dedicated teachers and educators, these exercises are both fun as well as easily replicable as non-normative and emulative teaching methods.

Name of Activity

Age Range


Making Web Pages

5 – 11

Clear guidance and advice for those wishing to start making web sites. Particularly useful for anyone thinking about setting up a new school web site.

Genre Net

5 – 11

Explains how to teach children about different genre, while using computers (and particularly the Internet). Contains loads of ideas and guidance relating to Word Processing, Using Email, Searching the Internet and Making Web Pages.

Morris the Martian

5 – 11

Fun activity which lets children use a roamer or other similar control equipment

KS1 Colouring Activity

5 – 7

A simple ICT activity to use with younger children at the start of the school year. Contributed by Pennie Coren.


7 – 11

A very useful worksheet giving instructions and inspiration in relation to making calligrams using WordArt.


7 – 11

Use MS Publisher to develop children's knowledge of tessellation of different shapes. Also includes an excellent interactive worksheet in Publisher format.

Make Your Own Postcards

7 – 11

Let children use computers to make lots of great personalised postcards (real and electronic).




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