HERE offers privacy tools for enterprises to anonymize personal data and manage user consent globally

HERE Technologies

HERE Technologies, the leading location data and technology platform, today introduced a set of core digital privacy tools to meet the demand for embedding personal privacy protection, user control and regulatory compliance across the Internet of Things. HERE Consent Manager and HERE Anonymizer allow enterprises to create and deliver personalized data services to users around the world with confidence.

HERE Consent Manager provides enterprises with the means to collect and process personal data while the provider retains clear control over 3rd party data access. It is a blockchain-based system built for all data value chain participants to transparently validate and manage consent.

In Europe, HERE Consent Manager is helping automakers deliver value-added services to drivers in compliance with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). HERE Consent Manager enables the authorization and usage of personal data to deliver any number of road-centric services, from car maintenance and road safety alerts to on-demand parking and EV charging services.

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HERE Anonymizer offers various techniques to protect personal privacy by controlling personal data characteristics while balancing to preserve its utility – for example, the processing of cellular probe data for real-time traffic services. HERE Anonymizer is available on the HERE location platform to take advantage of its processing power and scale, and it will be available to deploy on-premise and in a customer’s preferred environment.

“Data subject consent and data anonymization are becoming mandatory business capabilities across industries. Currently, they are also prerequisite technologies for connected and automated driving development, telecommunications applications and increasingly all consumer experiences,” said Jonathan Abon, VP Product Management of Platform at HERE Technologies. “We look forward to applying our extensive expertise in working with location data to help businesses develop these mechanisms that achieve privacy protection and data utility.”

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With GDPR-compliant consent management and advanced anonymization capabilities, the HERE location platform directly supports the access and processing of personal data. The analyzation, visualization and distribution of personal data can then all be achieved within the HERE location platform and HERE Marketplace. To find more about how enterprises can utilize HERE location platform and privacy tools, visit