Rolta India Catering to Digital India Initiatives: Rajesh Ramachandran

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Rajesh Ramachandran Joint Managing Director Rolta India and International

Rolta has established itself as a very strong player for providing out-of-the-box solutions with strong domain expertise, says Rajesh Ramachandran, the Joint Managing Director and Member of the board at Rolta India and International, in conversation with Elets News Network (ENN).

Rolta’s unique value in the Smart City and Smart Governance segment is its field proven indigenous intellectual property that we have created over the years. Rolta’s unique combination of Geospatial, Engineering , IT and analytics which has been honed over three decades together with its 100+ field proven indigenous intellectual properties (IP), is proving to be invaluable in various initiatives in context of digital transformation, digital governance, smart city and safe city projects in India as well as globally.

Today, Rolta has established itself as a very strong player for providing out-of-the-box solutions with strong domain expertise. We are proud to reveal that the expertise has enabled us to work with several governments on over 400 projects for smart cities and governance across the globe. We are excited to see a thrust in demand for smart governance and Smart City Solutions in India with many large RFPs coming out and we are highly focused.

Big Data is core to digital transformation and has become the top most priority across the Industries, to be relevant and successful in the digital economy. In recent years, India has leapfrogged in its quest to modernise and adopt the latest technologies. In fact, India is considered to be the global leader for IT technologies. The proliferation of internet and smartphone amongst the masses in India will undoubtedly usher in digital transformation. I believe India will be amongst the leading nations in adopting Big Data technologies and is likely to mirror the global trends being projected by leading analysts. Both the digital initiatives of government and enterprises would accelerate the growth of this market in India. to bring our value of indigenous IP and global expertise.

Kindly elaborate on Rolta India’s Big Data Analytics expertise? How Rolta is helping organisations embark on an ROI driven Big Data transformation journey?

Thanks to our significant investments and decades of thought leadership, Rolta is today uniquely positioned in the Big Data Analytics and digital transformation marketplace. Unlike many other IT programs, Big Data programmes are driven by Business groups and measured directly to the business outcomes. With its deep domain expertise of the asset intensive industries, unique combination of Engineering, Geospatial, IT and Data science driven analytics along with its own 250+ copy righted / patented IPs, Rolta has been helping organisations globally to define their Big Data analytics roadmap well aligned to their business outcomes as well as achieve faster and higher ROI through pre-built IP led solutions.

Rolta’s Big Data Analytics solutions provide comprehensive solution for accelerating the information and analytics maturity from ad-hoc to pervasive in weeks than years. They cover entire spectrum of organisation’s big data transformation journey – data discovery, data quality, consolidation and standardisation, integration, information management, advanced analytics and enterprise knowledge hub for business users on effective and real time decision-making.

Rolta with its flagship product Rolta One View™ has been helping organisations to bring the 100x value of the data by contextually integrating all the three layers – Transactional IT systems data, unstructured data within and outside the enterprise and Operational / IoT systems such as SCADA, sensors, GIS and engineering systems. It consumerises the power of Big Data Analytics by providing Realtime, Diagnostic, Predictive and Prescriptive analytics combined with enterprise knowledge hub for every role in the industry which is paramount to digital business.

Often, large enterprises land up in complex business intelligence and reporting landscape through the proliferation of technologies and result of mergers and acquisitions. Consolidation of information landscape is critical for optimising the IT cost and to exploit the power of analytics for digital business. Rolta ‘SmartMigrate’ has established itself as a unique and powerful automation platform providing comprehensive, automated and cost effective solution for consolidation of databases, BI and reports and analytics applications. Similarly, effective Digital Asset Lifecycle Management is critical for both strategic planning as well as tactical maintenance especially in the Asset intensive industries such as Entergy and Utilities. Rolta’s in-depth experience of building Asset Information Management (AIM) systems of engineering assets and its wide IP rich solutions portfolio continues to bring tremendous value to both green field and brown field projects.

Rolta’s Big Data Analytics solutions have been successfully rolled out into several large Oil and Gas, Refineries, Petrochemicals and utilities companies globally. These solutions are proving significant value to our customers on their large and strategic digital transformation programmes such as operational excellence, supply chain optimisation, Integrated Refinery information Systems, digital utilities etc.

Does big data eliminate the need for data warehousing?

Traditional Business Intelligence solutions relied of the creation of a centralised data repository or “Data Warehouse” (DW) to act as the “single source of truth” from which Business Intelligence could be derived. However, in today’s world of information overload, with the digital data universe growing exponentially – roughly doubling every couple of years DW can barely keep pace. Modern Analytics solutions need to be highly flexible, scalable and have the ability to respond to the growing demand for real-time analytics. Such solutions not only need the ability to analyse the tradition structure data from IT systems but also need to handle the voluminous unstructured data created by humans, which could be residing on the Internet, as well as the humungous streaming data which is continuously being generated by sensors and IoT systems.

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Logical Data Warehouse (LDW) are inevitable. At Rolta we take a hybrid approach by combining the strengths of traditional data warehouses with Hadoop for Big Data analysis and a logical Data Warehouse tailored to leverage modern “In Memory” databases for realtime analytics. For instance, the Rolta OneView™ “Knowledge Model” combines the strengths of a traditional Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) with other Logical Data Warehouses (LDW) and is capable of handling humongous amounts of heterogeneous data at extremely high frequencies. One of the key distinguishing features is that it is built on platform agnostic architecture for supporting Big Data including streaming data from IoT systems, smart meters, sensors etc. As a result, we are able to fetch and transform data, in real time so that the data is fresh and the data linkage takes place only on a need basis without having to persist the data.

What challenges do companies confront in adopting Big Data Analytics?
The challenges can be broadly categorised as:

  • Data and information landscape readiness: Organisations are still struggling to discover and define the right data, achieve required data quality and governance, consolidate their information landscape to exploit the power of Big Data analytics.
  • Business aligned roadmap : Defining well aligned business value engineering objectives and outcomes to justify the significant investment on the Big Data Analytics journey
  • l Stakeholder ownership for effective implementation: Big Data projects needs top management commitment and internal champions to drive the mind-set, process maturity and governance and create the win-win value to various roles in the industry. This also includes considerable enablement and augmentation of technical and analytical skills.

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