Karthik Kashyap: Tech-Savvy Cops to Make Smart Police Force

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Karthik Kashyap, Police Superintendent (Crime)

Goa being one of the top tourist destinations for both foreign and domestic tourists, the local administration has to make sure that the law and order is duly maintained and enforced. This calls for a tech-savvy and smart police force that can detect and act fast as a crime takes place. Police Superintendent (Crime) Karthik Kashyap, in an interaction with Manish Arora & Shambhudeep Hore of Elets News Network (ENN), speaks about the slew of measures that have already been taken and those in the pipeline.

What are some of the new technology initiatives undertaken by the Goa Police to curb crime?

Right now, we are at a very critical stage of implementation of our Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) project. This project is very personalised, making it locally suitable for us. We call it G-cops. It’s a huge initiative. We have modified this project to suit our specific requirements. Under this, a lot of initiatives have been undertaken, which will help connect with the masses.

The citizen portal, for example, is a unique initiative, which will help citizens get very useful services, like police verification certificates, which we plan to connect with the passport office as well as other organisations. Then we have the lost article recovery system. Anyone who has lost any item of value can come to us and lodge the report and immediately we will issue an acknowledgement certificate, so that they can use this acknowledgment to reclaim the lost article. If the article has any insurance tags, then it can be used to claim insurance without any hassle.

As of now, the training aspect is being focused on. We are trying to train our officers and capacity building process is going on right now. Once this is over, we will have a clearer picture. Surely, by the end of this month, we will be going live with the G-cops initiative for sure.

“We are at a very critical stage of implementation of our Crime & Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS) project. This project has been modified and personalised to suit our specific local requirements. We call it G-cops”

There were talks of revamp of your website, but many complaints were there that people were facing hassles. What is the position now?

Yes, it was there, but then we revamped and refurbished the website. The entire website has been now redesigned by our own cyber-crime department employees, and we did not employ any outside agency. Since Goa is a tourist destination, we keep on updating the particulars of our website from time to time.

How is the social media presence of the Goa Police?

Currently, the social media presence is negligible. But we have plans to outsource it to a private agency, which will take care of the entire management of the social media, so that more and more people can engage with us.

Meanwhile, we have started an initiative called “Little Police”, the Facebook page of which gets updated from time to time.

What according to you is a smart city and what can be defined as an ideal Smart Policing?

Going by the definition of the concept of smart policing offered by the Prime Minister, we are exactly moving in that direction. For now, our priority is to be tech savvy and to procure the technical knowhow from both hardware and software perspectives. We have set up a cyber lab, which is purely self-motivated and initiated.

There we have installed all modern software and hardware related to cyber forensics. The police in big states have Naascom set labs. Compared to them, ours may be a smaller one, but we have made a beginning at least. We have the necessary tools, using which any case can be investigated in a scientific manner.

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