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Ganga Kumar,  Managing Director Bihar State Building Construction Corporation Ltd

Infrastructure development is a key factor in the overall growth of a state, and the Bihar State Building Construction Corporation Ltd is working towards strengthening the building sector in Bihar, says Managing Director, Ganga Kumar, in an interaction with Elets News Network (ENN)

How is Bihar State Building Construction Corporation helping in the development of Bihar?

The role of the Bihar State Building Construction Corporation (BSBCCL) is to construct infrastructure in the building sector for an overall development of Bihar. We all know that infrastructure is the key factor for overall economic development of any state. So, BSBCCL, a part of the Government of Bihar’s Building Construction Department, undertakes initiatives for strengthening building sector in the State.

The overall budget for the Building Construction Department is more than `2,500 crore, while BSBCCL outlay alone is about `4,200 crore. As of now, we are working on `4,200-crore project. In the last two years, we have developed a budget of `4,200 crore, which was only `1,200 crore earlier. This reflects on the pace of economic growth in the State.

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How is IT put to use in BSBCCL to make these projects more effective?

We are making extensive use of ICT as the key tool in the corporation. We have used ICT in two-three different perspectives:

  • For organisational management: We are using an e-Leave management process that takes care of the HR Management System. For organisational growth and maintenance of all the information and related financial management, we are using project management information method that takes care of all kinds of project-related developments in our State. Whatever activities we are undertaking in the Corporation, it is with the help of Personal Management Information System (PMIS).
  • Government financing and accounting system: All financial and accounting management systems have been taken into consideration. e-Tender system is being used by the Government of Bihar. We have also started using Retina-based financial management system. In other words, financial transactions in the Corporation will not only be done through the Real Time Gross Management System (RTGS) and NEFT, but also the Retina-based management system. Thus, the transactions will be 100 percent safe.
  • Our website is also convenient to operate for differently- abled people; they can use the website without any difficulty. We are trying that the entire organisation moves from e-mode to m-mode. Even in financial management system, we are not using Tally.
  • We are using G-fact tool. The Measurement Book (MB) can be uploaded at any point of time from the field units, and on the basis of MB, we scrutinise the entire financial management. On the basis of these, we provide funds to the contractors, specified field units or to any organisation for different activities. We are going to shift to the paperless system, but this will take time.

Throw light on the concept of Bihar Foundation.

The mandate of Bihar Foundation is bonding, branding and creating business opportunities for Non-Resident Biharis, in general. Any person, who is keen to invest in, work for and know about Bihar will have to come through Bihar Foundation. The Foundation will serve as the key platform amongst all the departments and help the NRBs know their roots.

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How is Bihar Foundation helping in boosting investments in Bihar?

Any Bihari whose roots are in Vaishali, for example, and is residing in Mauritius, he will come and interact with the Asia chapter of the Bihar Foundation. Apart from that, the person can also call us on our 16-hour helpline service, or email us. We will facilitate his interaction with the Industry Department for invest talks. Further, if they need any other kind of support at any place in Bihar, we will help them out.

Transition from the traditional way of working to an ICT atmosphere is cumbersome. How is your department coping with the change?

It depends on the attitude of the person. When I was a student, I started using computers at the graduation level. These days, even school students are using laptops. When we started using ICT in our organisation, I used to interact with every employee and tell him that these are the requirements of the present as well as the future. We have to earn money, so that financial requirements could be taken care of, and for that one has to work in right direction. In addition to it, for earning money one will have to move with right requirements. So, for finishing work on time with quality, the use of ICT is helpful not only for an individual but also for the Corporation.

The mandate of Bihar Foundation is bonding, branding and creating business opportunities for Non-Resident Biharis, in general. Any person, who is keen to invest in, work for and know about Bihar will have to come through Bihar Foundation

How mobile technology is being used in your department?

We are using m-governance and the smart phones are connected to the Google network. We have a joint collaboration with Vodafone. If someone is on the move, the department has all the information regarding him, like where he is busy or what is the nature of work he is handling. We track their movements, and mobile and tablet are the two modes used by our department for the purpose. Besides, we also upload our work updates, project reports, etc.

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